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Some Friendly Responding of Friends August, 2010
A friend in need, a friend indeed. I am lucky enough to get so much help and support from so many good friends whom I have met or I have not met yet when I am in the difficult time and need help.

Just because of the kind help of these kind friends, I have been living in a very positive emotion and have the courage to fight with the sickness.

With a grateful heart, I would really like to cherish the great friendship and my luck. Therefore, except the lost by the accidents of the computer system, I have been keeping all of these friendly letters and I have been trying to respond every one, even though sometimes, it is a little bit later.

This weekend, I would like to publish some of the beautiful letters that I have gotten in August, 2010 and hope to bring you some thinking, inspirations and smiles...

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to: or   publish your words on theMessage Board . :-)   

--Shirley Zhang

Oct 24, 2010


A Good Responding from Mrs. Wanda R. from USA Aug 31, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Hello!   I am still praying that God will touch your body and heal you completely from your head to your feet.
I will keep praying for you and your healing.   

Love and prayers,

Wanda Rudolph

A Good Responding from Mr. Ronald F. from Philippines Aug 30, 2010(Extract)

To my dearest friend,

I'm so sad to hear fromyou what's going on to your health condition.      
If I'm on fluent to write on English language I really go on write a long letter for you my friend.

Just want you to know that GOD always there to given to you a especial treat for you for your very2 good heart.




A Good Encouragement from Ms. Aimee F. ? My former teacher of Bible from USA Aug 30, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

This is Sister Fisher. We met Last year 2009 in Springfield, Mo. With Brother Lawson we met at the church building. Shirley as I read what you are going through it brings tears to my eyes. My heart hurts to know what pain and conditions you are in. Shirley you have been a very special person to me.. the time that I was able to get to know you and spend with you will always be a treasure and highlight of my life. I want you to know that, I want you to know that I will never forget you! You will be in my prayers everyday. And if I don't get to every see you again in this life, I know that I will see you when we have both returned to live with God. Shirley I want you to know that God knows what you are going through. He will give you strength and comfort as you pray to Him. Remember that prayer is very simple.. First we say "Dear Heavenly Father" then thank Him for our blessings and continue on to express the feelings and questions of our heart and soul. We end by saying, "In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." I promise that He always listens, and He will send you answers.

The painting that you did for me will always hang in my home. Thank you for that wonderful treasure! It will be a strength and love to me through out my life. I wish I could do something for you.. I wish I could take all your pain away. But I know the best thing I could do is let you know that God is your Loving Father. He loves you. He will help you through this time.

If it is okay, I will write again soon.

Sister Aimee Fisher

A Good Advice from Dr. Charles C. from China Aug 30, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Sorry to hear that you have been in the hospital and not feeling well. It is probably a sign that you should slow down a bit.   I have been reading your messages. They show how active you have been.   We have to admit that time flies and we all age along the passing each day.   Though we feel young and energetic, we need to align our physical activities with our aging bodies.

I hope you will recover soon.

Charles Chen

A Good Advice from Dr. Steve O. from USA Aug 30, 2010(Extract)


That was a wonderful account of your experience with your medical situation.   I am happy for you that you found some good medical understanding for your condition.   I pray that you will have the best health outcome.   I think that a creative and flexible approach to seeking solutions to a problem is best as you say.

God bless you.

Read the gospels in your Bible, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.   

You will be blessed.


A Good Responding from Mr. John B. from Australia Aug 29, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley

I wish you well



A Good Responding from Mr. Frank F. from USA   Aug 29, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley i wish u the best and hope for a speedy recovery. Take care

A Touched Encouragement & from Mr. Richard H. from USA Aug, 25, 2010(Extract)

Dearest Shirley,

I have been a fan of yours for many years now, watching you grow and face your difficulties in life and at work, enjoying your art progress and your music and your education, enjoying your travels to America and your experiences, shared your sadness with your mom going away and your robbery at your house, marveling at your successes and in wonder at how you could accomplish so much. I didn't want to write because I was afraid you would take time to answer me and it looks like your time has always been a very precious thing. Please don't write back to me, I want you to have all the time you possibly can to continue your art and music because those are two things that I enjoy doing very much also. I think your best art (it is all very good) is when you paint the things that you want to paint and not as an assignment.

I have been astonished at your peacock paintings and have used one of them for my background on my computer.

I know what you are going through with your intravenous treatments. I just wanted to write to tell you how much I have enjoyed your wonderful company all these years and that there are probably a lot more people like me out here that feel the same way, but would feel it was selfish to write to you and expect a reply. I know that we all share the same admiration for you and that we feel connected because of your wonderful and generous sharing of your arts and the open way you share your life experiences. I have followed you for so long and steadily that I feel we are in the same family. Thank you so much for what you have given me and I wish you the best of luck with your recovery and for all the good things you still are going to do in the future.



A Good Responding from Mr. Fred R. from USA Aug 25, 2010(Extract)

My dear friend,

I was sorry to read your recent email concerning your health status. It is my hope and wish that everything shall come out positive when you go back for further exams. It is my hope and wish that it is not cancerous and only benign tumor if any at all.

It is my hope and prayer that your problems are of the minor sort and can be cured without much trouble. In my observations of todays world, I find that people of worth are the ones that seem to have the most problems. Those whom bring about the worse in people and do nothing to enhjance the goodness of the world, seem to live the longest and with less problems.   What I feel and observe may not bew the truth of the matter but only my wishes for a better world.

I wish for a world where all people are counted as brothers and sisters, not counted my race for there is only one race. It is the human race. Many times, I have made that statement but believe in it whole-heartedly. You are one of the better people of the world. One that wishes to bring all people together through your art work. It is a nice advocation if it can be accomplished. It may draw a few but the many go about their daily business filled with themselves and no thought for others.

I wish you health and long life for you bring something good and worthwhile into a decaying world. May God be with you and grant you your health and continued life. I pray for you and hope for you. You have been a dedicated and true friend. My best to you always.

Your friend,


A Good Responding from Mr. Min L. fromChina Aug, 25, 2010

Hi Shirley,

Hope everything is fine with you! Your photo shows you are getting over this difficult time with bravery.

Best regards,
Lin Min

A Good Responding from Mr. Joe F. fromUSA   Aug 24, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,
I will pray for you that our all-mighty God will heal you all sickness, disease and weakness in your body, and that you will be strong enough to continues your work
as you dream to have.

Please take good care of yourself and that I like to hear fromyou more with good news.

Your friend in Missouri

Joe Fong

A Good Responding from Mr. Joseph L. fromUSA   Aug 24, 2010 (Extract)

I am very sorry to hear that I hope u get better soon.

A Good Responding from Mr. Jextin T. fromUSA   Aug 24, 2010 (Extract)


Everything you have just said is news to me and I will keep you in my prayers.


A Good Responding from Mr. Stan fromUSA   Aug 24, 2010 (Extract)

Ni hao my Dear Shirley,
I think it is wonderful the Good and Positive attitude that you have, so Please stay Positive and be Strong!!!
Please Have a Good week, Stay Strong and Always think Positive!!!

Smiles and Hugs,

A Good Responding from Mrs. Pat H. fromUSA Aug, 24, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,
I am so sorry to hear about your illness.   I am glad that you have a good attitude towards it.   It is important to keep your faith.   

I think it is time to change your diet.   Try fruit and vegetable diet with very little or no meat.   Have multiple grains instead of rice or wheat.   

Practice Qi Kong and concentrate on breathing.

I wish you the best.


A Good Responding fromDr. Olson fromUSA   Aug 24, 2010(Extract)


I am praying to the one true God for the recovery of your health. Receive God's love and let him be your provider.

Dr. Olson

A Good Encouragement fromDr. Peter R. fromUSA Aug 24, 2010(Extract)

Sorry to hear you are in the hospital.   Your pictures are beautiful; you do outstanding work!   Stay strong, I’ll will keep you in my thoughts.   

Good luck!

A Good Encouragement from Mr. Donald C. from USA Aug 24, 2010(Extract)

Dear Lady,

I enjoyed your words of 'escaping out the hospital.'   Most folks think the same about leaving such places. From your letter it sounds as if you are receiving the best of care.

I am happy for you and happy to hear of so many nice folks willing to help you during this stressful time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Dear Lady.

Your humble servant   


A Good Encouragement From Mr. William L. from USA   Aug 24, 2010

I will pray for your soul to give you the strength to handle all the physical difficulties you might face.      You must realize that no matter what your body is doing your soul and the beauty of your life has touched so many lives.    The light within you will live forever.                I hope the pain is eased and that you can overcome this illness.   

I hope to hear good news soon.

A Good Encouragement From Mr. John D. L. from USA   Aug 24, 2010

Shirley- I am so happy that you are fighting this illness.   I pray that Heavenly Father will bless you at this time.   I know that whatever happens is supposed to happen because you are a good person.   Keep fighting and I will keep praying for you.

A Good Encouragement From Mr.. Frank De J. from Belgium Aug 24, 2010(Extract)

dear Shirley,

I didn't know you were going in hospital so soon.
I knew about the eye problems. not of the rest.

well, you will be out of there soon.
I am sure of it.
in my country we say: 'onkruid vergaat niet',
which means: 'bad seeds don't perish'.
it is a joke, of course.

but in your case, I am sure.
the source of your ailment will be detected soon, I know.
then they can cure you.

I will say a prayer for you tonight.

I believe in you.
you better get well soon.

many kisses for you dear Shirley.
get well, ok?


A Good Responding from Mr.. Felix R. from France Aug 24, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley

I am sure you will be winner vs sickness;

in your mail i saw a very beautiful of you; thank you; good luck Shirley
A bientôt


A Good Responding From Mr. Ali K. from USA Aug 24, 2010 (Extract)

hi Shirley

i am very sorry to hear about your health condition. i am really disturbed and asking myself why this happened to the most giving woman in the world . and i have no answer . may be god is testing your solidarity . well all what can do is to pray to god to get better soon .



A Good Responding and Advice from Mr. William G. Aug 23, 2010

You are one strong woman, Miss Shirley:)!!!

I hope and pray that   the findings will be 'positive' in that the conditions will be easily treatable and that you will TRULY heal from all of your 'conditions'! Your latest painting is, as always, beautiful!!!!   Here is a technique that you can do while you are resting:   Close your eyes and visualize a very soft, pink Light emanating from your Heart - like a glowing ball - infusing that Light into every single cell of your you do this the color may change. You may even see an off-color coming out of your cells - like squeezing an old color from a sponge.................just let the Light engulf it and transform it. Do this several times a day and just before you go to sleep tell your mind and body to keep up the 'cleansing' through the night.

It is amazing how this will work:) A young boy did something like this years ago and his disease was put into total remission.

Be Blessed Miss Shirley,


A Good Responding from Mr.. Fred R. from USA Aug 23, 2010 (Extract)

Dearest Shirley,
As to your inquire about management and employees, I have found that the employee is a vital part of any business or organization. When hiring, we hire with foresight, we train those hired and with respect our expectation are met and exceeded. The employees are what determines our success or failure with any task. We plan and guide those whom shall do the work but always being aware that we should also treat them with respect and dignity. In my past and in charge of any job, I always try to take the best of what I have and explain in detail what is expected of them. Getting assurance that they fully understand what is expected of them. Maybe a few minor checks to assue myself and them that what is being performed is done correctly. After that, I only come back once in a while to see if there is any problems. One must always be aware of what is being done and how it is being done.. When I am confident about their ability, I depend on them to perform to the best of their ability. Thereby, there are no misunderstandings about the job itself. If one fails to do what is expected, they are weeded out and replaced by someone that is able to perform up to expectations. Success is won or lost by what we do and how we do it. Once the best is given, that is all that can be asked for. ( Being the best of the best is rewarding within itself!)
I continue to read my Bible in hopes that one day, I shall obtain the feeling that I am following the will of my Father in Heaven.

My hope now is to live a God filled life and be as good as I am able to be. May God be with you in all that you do. Continue in fairness and hope and you shall obtain all that you desire.

With love, as always,


A Good Responding From Mr. Suprapto S. Aug 23, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I hope you'll be better and back to healthy and wealthy

A Good Responding from Mr.. Yaping J. from China Aug 23, 2010

Take care , Shirley. Best wish to you.


A Good Responding from Mr.. Fillippo from Italy Aug 23, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I'm filippo, from Italy. We didn't meet ourselves but   i'm really afraid for your poor health,   i wish you, but i'm certain, that you can recover soon and start again to realize your splendid works of art.

I'm praying for this. a sincere hug.

A Good Responding from Mr. Jerry G. from USA Aug 23, 2010


My God bless and keep you.   Both Fe and I wish you well and to have a speedy recovery.


A Good Responding From Mr. Raga R. from Germany Aug 23, 2010(Extract)

Dearest Shirley,

I am thinking of you and I am really sure, that you shall be healthy soon.

Your friend in Germany

Raga Rifaat

A Good Responding From Mr. Gary J. from USA Aug 23, 2010(Extract)


I hope you get well soon and the doctors can help you with your bone and eye problems.

Life is not always easy.   It takes great courage and determination to over come these obsocales in life.   

Hopefully, you will get well soon and discover that the best is yet to come.

Have a good week.


A Good Encouragement from Prof. Pace from USA Aug 23, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I am proud of you for fighting the health problems and continuing to paint, email us, and write your poetry during these difficult times.   Part of recovering from any illness or disappointment is deciding you will improve, and you are showing that desire.   I encourage you to remain strong and take things as they come, staying strong in your faith and looking for the positives in life.   You are a warrior!

It is always enjoyable to hear from you, and I hope your health improves soon.

Glenn Pace

A Good Encouragement from Prof. Caroldine A. from USA   Aug 23, 2010(Extract)


I love the painting you did August 23, 2010.   I loved the color you used when painting the green flowers especially.

I will keep your health issues in my daily prayers.   

Take Care,

Professor Caroldine Aronis

A Meaningful Advice From Mr. Jean M. from France Aug 23, 2010(Extract)

My very Dear Shirley,

I ask you to listen to your God for an early retirement.

Because I think it's a sign from God. So you can work your painting and your music, in all serenity.

And I know you'll heal because you have faith and determination and above all you're the goodness, which means that God is with you. So you have nothing to fear. And I'm always there to serve you, to sustain you, for I am your faithful friend.

And I want you to know that you still have many years ahead of you and that happiness await you.

You know, my Shirley, you're a wonderful woman. You have many talents.

I ask you of take up of recoil on your life and you will understand, that you should listen to your direction. Take your retirement and enjoy life, because it is God who sent you this sign. you should be listening to God. Because he wants you to do some beautiful paintings and also that you make great music and songs.

I am and I would always there for you, my Shirley, I'm asking you to take good care of yourself, and of to think about what I say from time to time.

I kiss you tenderly and with much affection.

Your sincere friend, Jean-Marie.

A Good Responding from Mr.s. Xiaoling Z. from China   Aug 22, 2010(Extract)




( Translation:

Elder Sister Yiping,

After reading your letter, I am touched by your spirit; I admire you for your kind heart and I am praying for your health. )

I am going to visit you as soon as possible.

Xiao Ling

A Good Responding & Cook Showing from Prof. Dennis H. from USA Aug 22, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,

How are today? As I promised, I pray for you and your health. I want you to have a speedy recovery and return to your wonderfully busy life.

Last night I made some very good pasta sauce. :)

First, in a big fry pan put in olive oil and some butter and turn the heat to medium. As the butter melts, I add hot Italian pepper... I like spicy food.

Then, I add a very generous amount of fresh basil (from my garden) and lots of diced/chopped garlic.

Next, add chopped tomatoes - maybe 4-5 of them. Let it all cook for a few minutes after you add salt, crushed fennel (only a little) and crushed black pepper.

As that cooks, I add chopped onions, baked portabello mushrooms, white mushrooms, spinach. Add these one at a time, stir, let cook for 2-3 minutes then add the next ingredient.

If you wish, you can add a little red wine too. If the sauce is a little bitter, you can add a small small small amount of sugar.

Let this cook on the stove until everything is reduced to a chunky sauce.

I usually eat this with penne pasta, boiled until it is al dente. With this I like to have asparagus that is baked in a wine/balsamic vinegar sauce I make. And of course good
bread is important.

All of this is quick to make...maybe 45 minutes to an hour.

Also......... What is very tasty is to cook the pasta then bake it in the oven for 30 minutes with the tomato sauce on top and with fresh (not dried) morzarella   and Romano cheese.

Ha, ha. I hope I have made you hungry. :)

Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


A Good Responding From Mr.. Gilberto D. J. S. Aug 20, 2010 (Extract)

hello, Shirley.

Well, since i wrote for you first time and wanted for gongbi instructions i was surprised with your health problems.

Shirley, if you see it you will agree that our born our death or even life process happens in times and circumstances we dont control at all or totally don’t control.

That is only God i think that can help we both Shirley, try to find the books of Massaharu Taniguchi in USA. Try to read the books 'the truth of life' i think they will help you.

Shirley, i believe life whole is a prayer even now i write for you. Thank you very much for your existence and sharing with me your life.

thank you. bye, bye

A Good Responding From Mr. Norman from Australia Aug 20, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley dear,

Honey I'm so sorry for you. I admire your courage not giving in, keep it up.

bye for now,      


A Good Responding From Mr.. Yiran Z. from USA Aug 20, 2010 (Extract)

Da Jie ,

Sorry to hear about your news. I believe that you can cure the disease and recover with a good result, with your will and optimism. Please consider Dr. Booth's suggestion, and if possible, it is advised you better come to the US to take a check, cure, and recuperation, if the expenses could be reimbursed. As far as I know, the facilities here are better.

Wish you all the best!

Zhou Yiran

A Good Responding From Mr. Ali A. from Iran Aug 20, 2010

Dear Shirley, good morning. How are you now? I am so sorry for you illness. I am sure you can overcome to your illness and you will get you health as very soon. Also I'll do prayer for you and I ask my GOD to help you.

Have a nice weekend

Yours sincerely

Ali Amini from Iran

A Good Responding from Dr. Donoher W. from USA Aug 20, 2010


Good to hear from you, but sorry to hear the news about the health issues.   But at least it was discovered quickly, and before you made any other life decisions, so it’s better in that sense than it might have been.   

I’ll be praying for you through this.

Take care.

A Sincere Invitation from Dr. Booth B. from USA Aug 19, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley:

The Markey Cancer Center which is well respected all over the world.   I know that you have a pure heart and a strong will and a great determination to make the most of your life and art.   I would strongly encourage you to consider coming back to Kentucky for consultation and treatment.   I can assure you that you will be given a careful and complete examination by highly respected doctors who specialize in Cancer and you will be treated with the greatest respect and care here...

Second the issue with your eyes disturbs me as I am not sure that you have been properly diagnosed on that matter as well.   

We do care about you and know that you have a great gift, a dynamic spirit and a great love for your work,   I think if you would like to come to Lexington for an examination I can arrange them for you.   You are too valuable as a gifted artists, musician, poet and person to loose unless there is no other alternative.   I would consult your boss and see if they could allow you to come to the USA for a further diagnosis.   

Please know that we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers no matter what decision you make.

You have much to offer the world and you need to be healthy in order to be able to continue your work both in the company and in your studio so do not despair for you have many friends who care for you and about you who should give you great comfort to know that your work and you have touched so many lives in America and I am sure that this is true in China as well.

Mrs. Booth and I just returned from a two week Cruise/Tour of Canada and Alaska and had a wonderful trip.

Please let me know what you would like for me to do on your behalf and I shall attempt to fulfill every request as soon as possible.

With great concern and greater appreciation for you and your Art we remain your friends and admirers.

Dr. Bill R. Booth

A Good Responding From Mr.. Tony from USA Au 18, 2010 (Extract)

My prayers and thoughts are with you.. I will say a prayer each day for you to recover. And I hope that all is well for you with your work and art work. I will be here always as your friend.


A Good Responding from Mr. William G. from USA Au 18, 2010

Dearest Shirley,

I finally read this email and I want you to KNOW that my Heart and Healing Energies go out to you:)!

I am glad that you found a wonderful and caring Hospital!

I want you to do as you desire - to paint and write and live Life to the fullest:))

Warm Healing Light to you,


A Good Responding from Dr. Carol A. from USA Aug 17, 2010


I love the painting you made on August 14, 2010.   The flowers' colors were brilliant.   I liked this peacock even better than the others that I enjoyed seeing before.   I am sorry that you are having so much going on with your health.

I am glad that the Beijing University Shenzhen Hospital is so kind and efficient.

I will, of course, continue to pray for your health and hope that all will go well.

Take Care,


A Good Responding From Mrs. Wanda R. from USA Aug 16, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,

I will pray for you that Jesus will heal you and allow you to live with us for many years to come so you can make many more beautiful paintings and inspire many more people.   

Love and prayers,

A Good Responding from Mr.. Don C. from USA August 16, 2010

Dear Lady,

You are brave and have a keen mind. You will and you must fight this demon that is trying to invade your body. All your friends from around the world are in the fight with you. Their thoughts and prayers are with you in this ordeal. We all know a winner when we see one and you are a winner in all respects. Be our champion and bet this demon.   

Your humble servant      

Don C

A Good Responding From Mr. John D. L. from USA August 16, 2010


I am so proud of you and your wonderful attitude.   I will remember you when I pray to Heavenly Father.   

I love that you are my friend.


A Good Responding from Dr. Peter Z. from China August 16, 2010

We all wish you all things along with you would be OK.


A Good Responding From Mr. Peter J. from Australia August 16, 2010


Thank you for sharing your story - our lives are but a fleeting spec in time - i think your courage in sharing your story will leave a lasting positive influence for those who come later.

Best wishes for your journey

Peter Jolly

Brisbane August 2010

A Good Responding from Dr. Kris S. from USA August 15, 2010 (Extract)

Shirley, you are an inspiration. I love the peacock!

Kris Sutliff

A Good Responding From Mr. Rufus from England August 15, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I am sorry to hear the bad news. You have enlightened many people and inspired so many.

Take each day at a time and enjoy what you have and done.

Kind and sincere regards

Rufus (Rufy)...

A Good Responding From Dr. Dennis H. from USA August 15, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,

I was saddened to read of your most recent health troubles. It was terrible news. A terrible
thing has happened to a good person. You are a brave and determined person, and I admire you for those qualities and more.

I will pray for you and your health. I will continue to send good wishes to you.

Take care of yourself Shirley.


A Good Responding From Mr. Bob M. from USA   Aug 15, 2010

Never give up, my dear Shirley.

Enjoy the journey of life to the fullest, and into the endless time of eternal life and love. You are a very strong and special young lady, and will surely circumnavigate this temporary setback to your plan of life. There is no longer any need to even consider suicide.

Keep your family, loved ones, and friends very close to you during this trying and tiring time of emotional and physical stress and discovery and learning. They will all be very supportive and loving and caring for you.

Please keep these letters coming and keep us informed of your whereabouts and physical and psychological health. Please let me know if you are going to be someplace in the western world. Your Peacocks and Setting Sun are very beautiful. You are such a talented and beautiful young lady   :-)   

Yours Sincerely,


A Good Responding from Mr. Greg S. from USA   Aug 15, 2010

Hello Shirley:

I am so shocked to read your letter this morning and to learn that your test result is possible cancer.   However, I can tell from your letter that if this is your fate, your mind and heart are at peace.   As always, your words are so clear and profound.   Please know that you are being thought of daily and you are not alone in this fight.   I am sure I can say that all of your friends are thinking this way.   We admire your courage and acceptance but please also remember to not accept that you may have cancer until it has been proven.   

You are a wonderful and sweet lady.   I wish you all the best and a successful test on Tuesday.

Best Regards,


A Helpful Responding From Steven W. from England Aug 15, 2010(Extract)

hi Shirley,

Elvis is the one artist i can think of who is recognized the world over purely by his first name, he single handedly changed the face of popular music, his millions of fans all refer to Elvis as the king, because to us he is the king of rock and roll, very few artists have had the same impact, well i   suppose the Beatles might come close, I don’t Shirley maybe popular music isn’t your thing.

Anyway, hope you are feeling well, take care,


A Good Responding From Mrs. Grace from China Auguast 15, 2010(Extract)


A Good Responding From Xiao Q ? My Temporary Son from USA Aug 14, 2010(Extract)

Hi, Shirley,

How are you?

It's 10:30 pm in China. You are so hard working just like you have always been.

When I saw the words POSSIBLE CANCER, I felt so sad and almost cried. Until now, I realized that I have considered you as my mother deep in my heart. I hope you will be fine and the possible cancer is just a mistake that made by the doctor.

Please be positive and be happy, and don't work too hard.
Have a good weekend

Your temporary son,

A Good Encouragement from Hing Wah H. from USA Aug 14, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

You are truly a remarkable lady.   You make me think of the heroes in Chinese stories who faced danger and death with a calm heart.   

Let me tell you about two other remarkable people I know.   The first one is my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer with only one year to live if she did not have surgery.   She chose not to and she treated herself with Chinese herbs.   She lasted for another ten years.   The other lady is a painter friend of mine who is now ninety two years old.   She did not flinch when she was told she had a cancerous tumor.   She lives on a farm and ate fresh food grown on the farm and exercise regularly besides lots of gardening and house work.   She reads constantly to increase her knowledge and pays very close attention to the outside world and not dwell on her own problems.   I just talked to her last week and she is as sharp as can be.

Do spend the time you have for things you love from now on.

Go to Beijing and take art lessons at the academy!

Hing Wah

A Good Responding from Raga from Germany Aug 12, 2010(Extract)

I great you.
Hope you are feeling well.

A Good Responding From Mr. Gareth from Britain Aug 12, 2010(Extract)



A Good Responding from Dr. Dennis H. from USA Aug 12, 2010(Extract)

Good morning Shirley,

How are you doing today? i hope you are well.

Thanks for sending the latest message about your company and how you are managing lots of people, incentives, and so forth. as i read your email it became clear that our organizations are quite different on many levels.....but your job and my job has some basic similarities since we are dealing with people and trying to accomplish our mission.

I saw similarities in our management responsibilities. Both our organizations have missions and goals. Our job is to make sure the staff is aware of these goals that they are well trained, and are motivated to do a good job. Plus, we have to oversee complex projects and carry them out successfully. that involves knowing our people - what can they do well? What can they not do well?

I always try to make sure that my staff has jobs the can do well. And when they have to do jobs they can not do well.....I try to provide some sort of training or support for them.

So, thanks for your email on your company. You are far far far better trained in HR and management and business than i am. so i enjoy learning from you. :)

Take care and enjoy life.


A Good Responding from Hays J. from USA Aug 12, 2010

hello i like your painting you must be good on that

A Good Responding From William G. from USA Aug 9, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,

I must say that I am 'puzzled':) You say of yourself that you are 'just a learner' and although I agree that we are ALL learning all the time - especially as Artists.

However,   I would NEVER use the word 'just' in that statement as I find your work beautiful, incredible and breathtaking....................all at the SAME TIME!!!:)I have never heard of anyone taking what appears, at least to me, to be such divergent styles as Western and Chinese painting and COMBINE them...................fascinating! I remember years ago (can you believe that it has been 'years'???) when you first wrote to me that you were working on that combination.....................again, what a Path to put yourself on!

AND I KNOW about having to do things 'your own' way!

Meanwhile, take care of yourself and please keep BALANCE as a focal point!

Warm Wishes,

A Good Responding From Mr.. Lloyd M. from Switzerland Aug 9, 2010

HI Shirley,

Hoping that everything will work out good for you.

It is a pity that you have to go to the hospital again and so often.

Well,I am praying for you. Have a nice day,

A Good Responding From Mr. John D from Canada Aug 9, 2010


What risks can there be in planting the sweet potatoes? The people on your list will need to understand the following:

Once risks have been identified and assessed, all techniques to manage the risk fall into one or more of these four major categories:

Avoidance (eliminate, withdraw from or not become involved)
Reduction (optimize - mitigate)
Sharing (transfer - outsource or insure)
Retention (accept and budget)
Ideal use of these strategies may not be possible. Some of them may involve trade-offs that are not acceptable to the organization or person making the risk management decisions.

Be sure to tell these people, on your list, to not wear their best clothes, when harvesting the sweet potatoes.

Also, you wrote: "The problem is there is no a so big place for me to paint since this painting should be very big as whole of a wall..."

Why don't you switch over to using something like Adobe Photoshop on your computer for doing your paintings, in this way, you will not be limited in any way.


A Knowledgeable Responding from Prof. Carol C. from USA Aug 8, 2010


There is more openess and variety in America's view of religions in the last few years.   In my World Religions class, we notice how people often look for a mystical experience, "being united with a reality greater than oneself."   That is emphasized in America, along with the idea of accepting people of different beliefs.   

Christianity, which includes Protestants and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, is still the largest religious group.

The differences in the church can be with the way that the particular religion believes one can be united with God, for example.   The Protestants, which are the largest group within Christianity, believe that a human can be a spiritual leader who can hear in a prophetic way fromGod.   An evangelist, within some Protestant churches, spreads the "good news," gospel about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, God's son.   Each church has a permanent spiritual leader, such as a pastor.

In the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, priests speak and perform rituals to guide people toward God.   One is supposed to be free to worship however they choose, I hope it stays that way.   

Thank-you for asking.   

I hope that you are having much luck and joy,

A Good Responding from Mr. John C. from China Aug 7, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Again to read your e-mail, I was deeply moved by your e-mail and can only imagine the pain and anguish you are experiencing.   You have experienced very painful loss and it will take much more time for you to work through your grieving process. We never forget the mother we love who are no longer physically present.   I certainly understand you need to keep busy by reading, painting, teaching and surfing the internet for as much support as you can get - I encourage you to continue with this, as it can only be helpful.   You are on your own path of grief and it is a lifelong path.. Right now your pain may seem all-consuming but this will change over time and as you begin to allow yourself to remember and to allow yourself to experience the pain of your losses.

I hope this communication has been helpful Shirley, and I wish you well on your journey.

It is a must to take are of your health and eyes.

Thank you.

Best regards,

A Good Responding from Mr. Wayne from USA Aug 4, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

So happy to hear from you.   I have you in my prayers and thoughts.   I do hope you recover and things get back to normal for you.   I am happy that so many of your friends are sending you cards and communicating with you.
Lets stay in touch and I will be thinking of you.   You get well soon.


A Good Responding from Mr.. Tony from USA Aug 3, 2010

I am so happy to hear how you are doing.. that is fantastic that you have done so well. I would like to purchase one of your Chinese paintings for my room to finish decorating it with Chinese art and furnishings. It would be a great honor for my to own one of your beautiful paintings. Please let me know if this could happen, as I truly enjoy all of your artwork.. it is just sad that I did not get the chance to attend your art exhibit in Missouri. Please keep me informed of how you are doing and progressing.


An Interesting Experience of Mr. Jerry T. from USA Aug 3(Extract)

I had bad luck and good luck all in the same day.   On June 16th I hit a deer on the road while riding my motorcycle.   I got up and walked away from the accident with only bruises and road rash on my arms and legs.   My bike suffered over 5,000 dollars in damages and the deer got up and limped very slowly over the hill.

So, it was bad luck that I hit a deer but it was good luck that I got up and walked away from the accident.

My lucky day...

A Good Responding From Mr. Steve R. from USA Aug 2(Extract)


You are up early...
I totally agree with you that we are surrounded by beautiful things in the world if people will just take the time to slow down and look and where they live and at the beauty around us.

Hope your days are filled with blue skies and sunshine.


A Good Responding from Prof. Caroldine A. R. from USA   Aug 2, 2010(Extract)


You asked a good question about American religions.   

I believe that America has changed very much in the last ten years.   Many have turned away from the traditional values taught in Christianity because they have lost respect for those who represent authority in their lives.

Christian traditions would include the Two Great Commandments of Jesus Christ:

1) love God with all your heart and mind and 2) love your neighbor as yourself.   

I see many Americans who are disappointed in government and tradition.I believe that many are searching for peace and harmony.   

I am grateful for my parents' example of traditional values, it has made me strong and given me hope and peace.   

I am glad that you are a person who cares about others and shares your talents.

Take care,