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Some of the Friendly Responding From Friends July, 2010
I am so lucky person who has gotten so much help from you and all of my over 3,300 registered friends from 32 countries when I am fighting with the sickness while to work on my position in the company and keep learning art of painting, music and language.

Even though I could not respond each letter in time, I have really read all of the letters from every friend and I do not delete any letter before I have written back to you.

I cherish every letter and every friend who has come to my little web site and has written to me. I will(have saved) all of the letters, comments and suggestions with some suitable style.

Anyway, please not feel surprise that to get a responding from me too later. Ok? :-)

As a so lucky person, with an endless appreciated heart, I would like to publish some of the friends' responding and messages here, hope you enjoy their beauty and bring you a big smile.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, you are welcome to write to: or   publish your words on theMessage Board . :-)   

Take care and thanks, have a good day.

--Shirley Zhang

July 31, 2010


A Good Responding From Mr. Wayne from USA   July 30, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I will be praying for you and hope your vision gets better.   I know the Chinese people really appreciate your contributions to them and I know you are proud of your work.   I wish I had the talents that you have.   

I hope you have a nice and enjoying weekend.


A Good Responding From Prof. ARONIS, CAROLDINE R.from USA   July 29, 2010(Extract)


I am continuing to enjoy your work that I have received through email.   I hope all is going well for you.

I have learned from teaching World Religions, that Chinese religions do emphasize harmony and calmness.   This is very important; in the U.S., we do not always take time to practice those qualities.

Take Care,


A Good Responding From Mr. Rene R. from Philippines   July 28, 2010(Extract)


Have a Good Day, thank you very much for your messages. what I can say is you are so very great friend. I very thankful that I have a friend like you.

Have a Bless Day.

A Good Responding, Advice & Offer From Mr. William G. from USA   July 28, 2010(Extract)


Your Art has fascinated me from the time I first connected with you! Your last 'very colorful' work is absolutely amazing!!! AND I am only seeing the little view of it here on the computer:)

I am still saddened to hear of your eyesight but I hope that you and your Doctors can work together to create Healing and Peace for you as the days go by. Just PLEASE make sure to take care of yourself.

I have a suggestion: There is a company called started by a woman named Kelly Howell. She has created several CDs that work with sound to go deep into the mind with positive and Healing programs that are totally embedded in wonderful music. It may be of service for you to go online and see if her CDs could work for you. They are very complex in that they create "openings" in the mind so that Healing Programs can be told to the subconscious.

Anyway, I will continue to put out positive prayers and thoughts for you, my dear, and I hope that you will find Healing Progressions for yourself every day:)


A Smart & Helpful Responding From Mr. Fred F. from USA   July 27, 2010(Extract)

My dearest Shirley,

As we advance in age, many things begin to change and not for the betterment. Mostly, what we have gained is further knowledge into life and having more respect for living into our twilight years of life. I turn more and more to my Bible for understanding and finding a life free from most sins. Now, I look   forward to a life with Jesus the Christ in His world of permanence. Whether Ishall climb that mountain,   know not? I can only hope that the life that I now live shall gain me grace within His sight and I shall have the wonderful priviledge of being with Him in His time of coming.

The Lord knows that in my past, I have not been a very good person and have done many things, that when looked back on, I ask myself, how could you have done that? I can only mark it up as my sinful nature during those earlier years. Events within life has cause a big change in my line of thinking and doing. Whether it shall open the door for me, I know not. I can only hope and pray.

Within you, there is always a deire of giving. Something not found in most people. Their line of thinking deals with taking for self. I know that we all must answer for this present life and our sinful ways. The door to eternal life shall be closed and no hope for redemption. It is my hope that you and I shall meet in this Paradise and become known to each other.

You have a giving heart and think of your country and others before self. I salute you and honor you.

It has been nice knowing you and reading of your accomplishments. It gives me a feeling of being a part of it..

Thank you and God bless you. Take care of yourself and try my remedy for reading.

God be with you as I wish I were,


A Good Responding From Mr. Johnson Y. from Hongkong, China July 27, 2010

Dear Shirley:

How r u getting on these days.

So is it serious about your vision?   I guess it must affects your work more or less. So you'd better do some eye exercises during beak as the primary school students. HAHA!!!

I'm very proud of you that you always want to devote yourself to the company and don't want to be a free-rider.

I hope you could relax yourself when necessary and don't be too tired.


Johnson Yin

A Good Encouragement From Mr. William C. from USA   July 27, 2010

You are a wonderfull woman and love nature so much and have a wonderfull never should give up your thoughts on nature.If more people like you were controlling this planet ther would be more success in a better world to live in with happiness and less stress.

keep trying never give up hope for your eye sight will come back with your wisdom and for sight to make you happy. Have confidence in your endeavours and your hindsight.

All the best to you shirley keep your chin up and you will succeed.

Its wonderfull to hear from you. You are a true friend.


A Good Encouragement From Dr./Prof. Olson from USA July 27, 2010


You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself, in writing and in art.   I can tell you are a very kind and peaceful woman.   May God bless you richly.

Dr. Olson

A Good Responding & Offer From Ms. Beatrice from USA   July 27, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley! Good to hear from you again. It is good to see the beautiul art you are doing. I wish I have that talent.

Do you want to sell your oil and canvass art? If so, please e mail us pictures and measurements and how much do you sell each of your art pieces?

Thanks and take care.


A Good Encouragement From Mr. Les H. from USA   July 27, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Hello.   I hope you are doing well.

Carol and I throughly enjoyed taking your watercolor workshop.

I have really been enjoying your messages with your paintings and singing.

Take care,
Les Hagemann

A Friendly Responding & Advice From Mr. Jean M. from France   July 27, 2010(Extract)

Hello dearest Shirley

I see you're still not reasonable for your health.

I ask you to take two or three days of rest, close your eyes, so they can rest too. In life, two or three days, it's nothing. But, for your health is a lot. I ask you to do, I do not want it happening to you anything. I know that what I ask is difficult for a person who is always moving for his company. But for once in your life, think of you!

I am delighted whenever I get a letter from you, my Shirley. But if you really want me make to pleasure. you take 2 or 3 days of rest. Take a good pair of dark glasses you walk in the countryside. In addition to being beneficial for your health, you can get inspiration for your paintings. I count on you for once in your life, listen to the path of wisdom. I know that for a person at great responsibility, it is a great sacrifice. But tell me, day or you no can more see, who will be the winner or the loser?

Shirley, I appreciate you enormously. But thither, I'll end up being me angry with you, because you do not respect your body. I will pray you, take care of your body.

I embrace you affectionately and tells you very soon of you read.

Your sincere friend.

A Good Responding From Mr.Francis B. from Canada July 26, 2010(Extract)

Wish to you all the best & hope that my God allmigthy will help you solving your eyes problem.

A Good Responding From Mr.Tobias M. from Germany July 26, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley

There was a long time I was not following what you wrote as I considered it as Spam, but once i had time I started reading, I found two sides:

On one side a strong fighting woman, putting a big focus on the succes of her studies and company and on the other side a woman drawing traditional chinese pictures, out of the world of business, the world your are praising so much in your letters. In your pictures you are praising not the world of business, but the world of love, peace and harmony. I like it.

God bless you, it touches my heart reading about your sickness and I pray for you to be healed.

Your body is in the material world, so it has a material destiny, but your mind, which is creating good ideas and drawings is in the spiritual world.

Care about your body, the way you care about your mind.

I pray for you.

God bless you


A Good Responding From Mr. Ali K. from India   July 26, 2010

hi Shirley

i am really happy and like your new painting. i know that you can not stop giving . but try not to exhaust your eyes . so it is time to slow down and care about yourself . you can give in different ways. like teaching . just be careful to enjoy life ,


A Good Responding & Sugguestion From Jim B. from Canada July 26, 2010

Hi Shirley

I have been reading your newsletter and feel sorry that your eyesight is getting bad. Especially when you have received so much recognition for your paintings.

I was wondering if you considered dictating your company reports into a voice recorder and then have the reports typed by a secretary. Then you would only have to proofread the resulting text and make corrections that would be retyped by the secretary.

Your Canadian Friend
Jim Broadbent

A Good Responding From Mr. Greg S. from USA   July 26, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley:

I just wanted to reply to tell you how much I enjoyed you newsletter and especially your new painting.   It is so beautiful and with such vibrant colors!   You are such a talented lady!

I   wish you a great week and happiness always.

Your friend,


A Good Responding From Norm T. from Australia   July 21, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley dear, Yes I agree with you that good communication is very important in any organisation both between management and employees and also between employees themselves. in other words TEAMWORK ON ALL LEVELS.


A Good Encouragement & Smart Idea From Professor Carol Aronis from the US July 21, 2010


I really liked the colors and peacefulness of the grassland of the painting that matches Chi Le Ge.   The sky brings happiness and hope with the pink color which makes me think that tomorrow will be a brighter day.   

The flowers in it, especially, remind me of a greeting and friendliness.

I understand the importance of harmony in a classroom, church, and family.   My little dog, a dachshund, Clarice was very upset with strangers coming into our home recently to help me make some changes.   It disturbed her harmony; I had to give her some anxiety pills from the veterinarian.   

The philosopher, David Hume said, “He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper; but he is more excellent who can suit his temper to any circumstances.”

Take Care,   Professor Carol Aronis

A Intelligent Responding from Mr. Frederick from the US July 21, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,

I am happy that you are well and continue to prosper within your field of endeavore. Happy, I am that you are well and life is enjoyable.

I am happy for the continued growth of your company, especially, because you are there. I agree about your position on cooperation and having the ability to sit and listen to a person. Sifting through their words and seeing what is woth-while and what is not. Cooperation breeds success where discord brings about failure.

You experience that with your birds? As we all have our own minds and thoughts, we must be able to listen to others before flying into discord and bring   forth our ideas of what we consisder to be right or wrong. Without a cordial exchange of words and ideas, we avail nothing but anger and disagreements.

It is the same in all walks of life. Husband and wife, friends, siblings, etc. If one is headstrong, nothing shall ever be right unless it is done there way. Not necessarily the correct way but their way. Most are willing to fight for what they think is right. Listening and understanding brings forth agreement and a cordial atmosphere where much can be done and accomplished.

Discord is the ruination of many good ideas and concepts. We can agree to disagree until a better solution is found. One must seek out and ponder all important decisions concerning work and life. Being a Christian, I find the validity in those words and have had many friendly discussions about various problems or ideas. No one can ever be completely right but it may be the best for the moment. Only time and effort shall prove the point. Prosperity, knowledge and contentment are gained through the idea of listening before acting.

Enough of my philosophy, I am only a learner myself. I hope that your birds have settled down and can now enjoy a peaceful co-existence. May the blessings of the Lord be with you and carry you through all that you persue.

Nice hearing from you and your continued successes.

Loving friend,


A Good Responding From Mr Edward L. from USA July 20, 2010(Extract)

Hi, Dear Shirley,

How is your artistic life turning out to be ?

I can feel you are living in a very meaningful life and make the best of you yourself.

Anything new from you !   Best Wishes,


A Good Responding From Mr Ali K. From India July 20, 2010

hi Shirley

how are you my dear friend. every time i read you e mail . i feel   that i am blessed knowing a fine woman like you . i always talk about you and your talent and dedication to your work to make others learn form you to be happy. i really proud of and you friendship. you gave me something to talk about...   

just keep writing . looking froward to hear from all the time.


A Good Responding From Mr Angus B. from the UK July 17, 2010

I found your 'Wu ti' poem translation and explanation just now.

I've been studying this poem for a bit and until i read your article had got pretty much nowhere.

So this is me writing to say thank you :-)

It really was unbelievably helpful

Thanks again

Angus :-)

A Good Responding From Mr Robert T. from the US July 15, 2010

Hi Shirley,

I noticed that your health is getting better? That is very good to hear. I think your hectic lifestyle might need a break from all the hectic busy work you do..

Hope this finds you in good spirits and in good health,

Robert Trisler

A Good Responding From Mrs Xiaoling Z. from China July
14, 2010




Translation by Shirley:

Elder Sister Shirley,

I like to read your email more and more and my English level is improved in the reading.


A Good Responding From Mr.John S. from Ireland July 14, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley,

Wow...what a long message, and so full of information. You certainly make use of all the time God sends you.
Im so glad your company is doing well,and it Multimedia.

On a happier note, i am so glad your health is improving.Everything in life happens for a reason, good stuff and bad ones.

I think they are all to makes us stronger, wiser, and more humble.

Very impressed with the commitment of the people you work with, its show strength of character..

With people like that , success is guaranteed, and you all deserve it.

What make a company and a country great is it people.
China, is changing to be a great place to live and work.

So Shirley, keep positive as you always do. you strike as a great person for detail. I like things to be right too.
I dont wish or do anything on anyone, cos i dont want it done to me.

I believe what we send out...we receive is a be careful   what you send out..ha..ha

As always Shirley, God Bless You And Everything You Do


A Good Responding From Mr. Wayne. from USA July 13, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

Thanks for the beautiful letter.   You are a very talented person.   You need to slow down and smell the roses.   Your health is your wealth and you don't want to lose your health.   I am happy that you found the problem and hope you will slow down and take care of yourself.

I can tell that what you are doing is very rewarding for you.   Again, you are a very intelligent and educated person and have received many awards.
I hope you have a wonderful week and please take care of yourself.


A Good Responding & Advice From Mr. Jerry T. from USA July 13, 2010

I hope that your health improves as well as your ability to reduce the stress associated with your taking pain pills.

Nice news letter to your followers!   You are impressive.


A Good Responding & Advice From Mr. Jerry T. from the US July 13, 2010 (Extract)

Hello Shirley,

It is wonderful to hear that your company/business is doing so well.   It makes me smile it sounds like you treat everyone with Kindness and respect and they return that with their devotion and hard work.   You are truly one of a kind…

I wish you well with all your endeavors


A Good Responding & Advice From Mr. Joe F. from the US July 13, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,

My suggestion to all my friends: take care our health first and put aside everything before illness comes.

I will be very anxious to hear from you in good health.

Joe Fong

Missouri USA

A Good Responding From Mr. Norm T. from Australia July
13, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley dear, This is a great email. It's good to hear your work colleauges have pride in there work & in the company.


A Good Responding From Mr.Weber W. H. from the US July
8, 2010(Extract)


All of us at National Art Shop do so enjoy your letters. Thanks so much for keeping us in your thoughts and we wish you the best with your medicals.

best of everything to you,

Weber Warren

A Good Responding From Dr. Dennis H. from USA July
8, 2010(Extract)

hello shirley,

i hope you are feeling better. i am sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. i hope your health gets better very soon.


A Good Responding From Mr. Jerry T. from the US July 8, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

You are an awesome painter and philosopher….

You have a wonderful life and if it makes you happy then you should continue for as long as you can.

Do what makes you happy with those around you…


A Good Responding From Mr. Charles C. from USA July 7, 2010

Dear Shirley,

You made a goo job.
Thank you. I always enjoy seeing your emails.


A Good Responding From Dr. Davide M. from USA July 7, 2010


Some folks are definitely impacted by a lack of sunlight, whether that is physiological or psychological who knows.    Likewise, a positive, bright culture certainly makes for a far more hospitable and enjoyable workplace.    Cultures can be constructive (positive) or destructive (negative).    What may be a viewed as a positive environment by one individual, may be viewed as undesirable by others.      Hence, the need to hire employees that fit your culture.   When you change a culture some, but not all employees will adapt in a positive manner.

Dr. M

A Good Responding From Mr. Wayne. from USA July 7, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

You are a very talented person and you need to slow down and just smell the roses and enjoy life.   

Hope you have a great week.


A Good Offer From Mr. Yong X. from China July 6, 2010


A Good Responding From Mr. Don C. from USA July 6, 2010(Extract)

Dear Miss Shirley, Your letters are always greeted here with anticipated excitement. It is with happiness and smiles that I read the text. One can tell by the tone of your letter that you are feeling better and that your body is healing itself. I believe this is due to your routine and exercise...      

Your humble servant      


A Good Encouragement From Mr. Mehboob K. from India July 6, 2010(Extract)

Dearest Shirley

I am very much thankful for your lovely letter/letters.

Your paintings are beautiful, so is your English language. The only problem which I could feel is your English is probably influenced by your mother tongue. Please dont mind it. The way you write is very much impressive and fluent.

About sunshine, I would say we have plenty of it here in India. Rather people are annoyed if it is too hot some day. I am in middle of India. South and Western India is very hot. It is rainy season here now. All are eagerly waiting for the rain to start showering. Because Indian economy mainly depend on agriculture. Last year there was short rainfall, which affected the rates of essential commodities very badly.

Please take care of your eyes. They are very valuable.

Wish you more and more success,

Yours Sincerely,

Mehboob Khan

A Good Encouragement From Mrs. Wanda R. from the US July 1, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

It was my pleasure to have you here at my school and to share a day with you.   There are always more things to do in a day than time will allow.   

The article Sherry Nash wrote about you came out in the newspaper today Wednesday, June 30, 2010.   I thought it was a very good article although I did not know where she got the information about how we met since it was totally wrong.   Sherry should be sending you a copy of the article.   I looked but couldn't find it online.   The title of the article is:   "Courtesy of China Chinese artist Shirley Zhang visits, teaches Seymour students in recent visit."

I can't wait to see you again and to take you other places including my church.   This year on July 4 my church is again putting on an I Love America celebration.   The last 2 years 120,000 people have come to this drug and alcohol free event complete with music played live to the fireworks.   It will be shown this year on July 5 on God TV for those who can get it.

You are welcome for the gift.   Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.   

Have a wonderful day and thank you again for all you have done for us and for being my friend!   I will keep praying for you and for your eyes.

Love and prayers,

A Good Responding From Mr.Joseph L. from the US July 1, 2010(Extract)

I like your page it helps a lot of us to get to know china and u very well.