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Some Friendly Responding From Friends- March 1-28, 2010
I am happy to receive a lot of responding from many friends. I feel lucky to get so much help, support and inspiration from all of my readers. I cherish every friend and your friendship. I have read/will read every letter carefully, I will respond you at the first time as long as I can.

A piece of unfortunate news is that my eyes problem has come back once more. Now my two pairs of new glasses from Germany that I just got for a short time have not worked well as the first days, I cannot see clear again, along with this, all of the bone joints, includes my fingers are aching or uncomfortable.

Anyway, I will keep work as long as I can.

I am thinking, even though something worst happen to me, I can still work with my mind, at least on offering ideas and on playing music and many the other things that do not need eyes.

So, I will order all of the thousand letters that I have gotten in the past 8 years as soon as possible, and choose some of the beautiful to share with you...

Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome to write to:
Message Board . :-)   

I will be happy to read your letter with a big smile. I will also respond you as long as I can

Take care and thanks, have a good new day.

--Shirley Zhang

March 28, 2010


A Friendly and Kind Couragement from Mr. Joseph L   From the US March 25, 2010(Extract)

ha there thank u for make the site i can learn chinese and have u as a good friend learn about china   and most of all i can talk to u a very nice lady good in your heart   and soul

A Interesting Informatin from Dr. Darragh M. From Canada March 24, 2010(Extract)

There are millions of geese that come to Canada, however, along the shores of Lake Erie and Ontario, and parts of the St. Lawrence River, the geese have not migrated south as they should have done, but winter in these areas. Their numbers over recent years have increased greatly and to the extent, that in many areas they are a real problem. For example, in some areas their excrement gets all over the grass to the degree that you cannot walk on it without stepping in the stuff.

The flocks that I saw migrating up from the south numbered in the thousands of birds. These V formations would stretch out across the sky for at least 8 kms. They were just huge, and with all the honking that the geese make, the din could be heard from these birds far away.

A Friendly Responding and Offer from Ms. Wanda R. From the US March 24, 2010(Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Hello!   I am so happy that you write these wonderful, thought provoking emails.   I do so enjoy communicating with you and seeing your beautiful artwork.   

I am practicing a song called "Consider the Lily" from Matthew chapter 6 (verse 33 I think.)   It is a beautiful song that I sing from the heart to Jesus my savior.   If others like it great, if others don't like it, no problem..   I know Jesus loves us to sing to Him and that is why I sing.   

I will try to choose my audiences carefully.   When you come back, I will sing for you too.   Only once maybe, but then you will know how good you are!!!

Have a great week!

Love and prayers,


A Goog Encouragement from Mr. Artiom M. From Armenia March 24, 2010(Extract)


I am sure that all that what are you doing - you doing goodly and on high quality!!!

You must to know that I am sure that you are is goodly musiciant - do any think and try all think what are you feel good for your heart and soul - I am sure that you will and you can many things in art!!!

I am agree with all think what about you write and I agree with all your mind and opinions!!!

I so much to have a your CD with your sings.



- Your Artiom!!!

A Sharp & Thinking Responding from Mr. Gary J. From the US March 24, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I thought it was funny that you told me how simple was better.   

I taught the lesson over 1.5 year ago about how, "less is more" and to apply the KISS principle of "Keeping It Simple and Stupid".   

It makes me laugh because the Chinese discovered these ideas as early as 450 BC and you are still learning them.

Unfortuantely, you idea about how all people are managers is completely stupid.   It is like trying to tell a slave that they are the boss.   If everyone is a manager why don't you pay the same amount of money as you.   Give me a break.   You are starting to believe your own bullshit!   It is time you matured and start seeing life as it really is.   Making people are stuggling to survive and you are telling them that they are manager, while they work as a janitor.   

You are not living in the real world.   If it makes you feel less guilty about having so much more than poor people than fine.   How the other hand, if you feel they are your equal than divide your check with them.   I am too wise and smart to think such absurb thoughts.   Janitors and cleaning people are poor.   Wake up and joing the real world.

I do not know what you have been smoking or what kind of drugs you are taking, but you are foolish to treat these improvished and desparate people in such a fashion while you ride you car to work.   Give me a break, grow up, get real, and "keep it simple and stupid" (KISS).    Hopefully, in another 50 years you will get it down.

Good luck and best wishes.


Hi Shirley,

Did you discover any more truths like the street beggar is a manager too.   Sometimes you discoveries make me sad.   You neglect to develop your heart and understand the pain that poverty casues so many people by making them feel that they are something that they are not.   You also insult their intelligence and dignity by suggesting that why are somehow economically on parity with you.

You are too good a person to believe such lies.   Instead do the right thing in life and offer them money, a gift, or a smile.   Explain that you realize how difficult and hard their jobs are and that few people appreciate the work they do.   However, explain to them that you know understand it because you have an American friend who is a champion for the poor and will not allow wealthy people to forget that we are all humans beings and need to take care of one another.

Have a good weekend.


A Friendly Comments from Mr. Floy D. From the US March 23, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley,

You are so right the simpler the better,   in usa we call it kiss,   means, keep   it   simple   stupid,   i always like reading your letters,you are so very intelligent and beautiful.

Florida where i live is called the sunshine state ,and our state animal is the panther, and the state bird is the eagle..   

I hope you have a day as beautiful as you are !!!!!!!!


A Friendly Responding from Greg S. From US March 23, 2010(Extract)

Hello Shirley:

It was nice to see you newsletter as always and interesting to read about your singing progress.   Congratulations to you for making such great strides in your singing within just a few days.   Of course I think your teacher must be correct.   He was able to know your potential and how to make you even better.   You were very smart to follow his recommendations and direction.

I agree that simplicity is always better.   There is an American idiom that you must already know, it is an acronym called; “KISS”.   We say in this way that “KISS” means “Keep It Short & Simple”.   I think we should lonely use as many words as we need and the words should be very clear.   If we use large words or words that are not often used, the reader will not know our meaning.   In the end, this type of writing is also easier for us and requires less time to complete.   So, I think it is perfect for everyone.

My state (Oregon) is very beautiful now and there are many flowers are blooming.   How about Shenzhen?

Have a good week Shirley!

Best Regards,

- Greg

A Friendly Responding from Joseph L From the US March 22, 2010(Extract)

Just make it as simpler as u can so people can understand it where u or come from and where u or going.

A Friendly Responding from Ms. Zongli L From China March 22, 2010(Extract)




A Friendly Reponding from Mr.James K. From India March 22, 2010

hai honey

Thanks for ur mail I agree with ur idea. The simpler the better person. How are u? How is ur health?

Take care and God bless.


A Friendly Requirement from Mr.John W. From the US March 22, 2010

Well sweet Shirley,

The person who told you do not sing needs a hearing aid!!   I have heard that lovely voice and really appreciate what I hear.

I have been playing the accordion since 1958. So I have some understanding of music. Your voice is exceptional.

I would love to have your kind voice on CD.


A Knowlegeable and Helpful Reponding from Dr.Darragh M. From Canada March 22, 2010

Hi Shirley:

There is a principle which I invoke about simplicity. It is called the K.I.S.S. Principle. K.I.S.S. stands for "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID".

You have to remember, that 90% of the population are not as smart as you. If you write an article for a newspaper, you have to write it at the level of a 12 year old in order for the general populace to be able to read and understand it. So, you have to make it pretty simple or they will not be able to comprehend what you are saying.

First I would try doing the voice warm up exercises by Seth Riggs. You really need only do the first seven exercises which will take about twenty minutes and then your voice is warmed up.

When you warm up before singing, you will then be able to work on getting the higher or lower notes more easily or, if you can sing these already, then you will be able to sing them easier. With the high notes, never reach for the note. Come down on top of the note. How do you do this, let the air coming from your lungs circle off of the pallet before coming out of your mouth. To accomplish this you have to open your mouth more.

Try singing vowels a, e, i, o, u with your mouth open, and then again almost closed. Try again with pushing your jaw forward and then bringing it back. These will all produce different sounds from the same note.

The song that your teacher had you sing is no doubt a test song that is used to evaluate students. This is why it was the same song that you sang before.

You might also want to test your ability to be able to hold a note. So, sing a note and hold it while someone counts the seconds slowly as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. See how far you can get. Normally a new person to singing can get only to 15 before they are out of breath.

As you know, classical singing is quite different from pop singing. First, you have to be able to develop the power, because you usually never use a microphone. Instead you use your diaphragm. You also have to develop range.

I believe that to sing classical Chinese songs would be very complex and one could easily get caught up in making this type of singing a lot more difficult than what it need be.

The Canada geese are now returning on the migration to the Arctic from the south earlier than normal so they must know something that we don't. This year there are many more than normal. As you know they fly in a V formation and these formations as a guess range across the sky for at least three to five miles long with birds. There are literally hundreds of them in these formations, and the formations just kept coming in one after another. They are landing in farmers corn fields now, but will move to the lake when more ice goes out. It will take some time for the ice to melt as it is about sixty-five centimeters thick right now.

All my best,


A Friendly Reponding from Jean P.. From France March 18, 2010

Dear Shirley,

I agree entirely with you out into the cleaning lady Status Manager allows an incentive and motivation to do good work!


A Friendly Reponding from Dr. Robin L. From the US March 17, 2010

I am receiving and enjoying your weekly posts. I stopped getting them for a few months, but now they’re back.

Thank you!


A Friendly Responding from Mr.Jean P. From France March 19, 2010(Extract)

How are dear Shirley,

I am happy for you that your view problem was resolved by glasses you received, this will give you the courage and desire to retake beautiful paintings and write your book!   

I agree entirely with you out into the cleaning lady Status Manager allows an incentive and motivation to do good work!

Shirley, dear I arrètes for today by wishing you spend a good weekend and take care of you!


A Friendly Responding from Mr. Ravi D. From India March 16, 2010   

My dear Shirley.

I agree with you.

you are very intelligent person.

I   like you. miss you.

A Helpful Responding from Mr.Wayne From the US March 16, 2010

A metropolitan city is a city that has it all like sporting events, opera, theaters and all big things that attract visitors.


A Knowledgeable Responding from Dr. Darragh M. From Canada March 15, 2010(Extract)

Hi Shirley:

Using your examples on management, would you not say that the little chip monk or squirrel in storing their nuts and other food away to eat during the winter months when food is not plentiful, are also managers in managing their food supply? Would you not say, that the Lion in marking his territory with urine is not also managing his territory and the food supply that is in it? So, management is also undertaken in the animal world too. Now one has to look at the various degrees of management from the simplistic to the complex to have a better understanding of management and what it is. Expand on this theory.

All the best,

A Thoughtful Responding from Mr. Rufus   From the UK --March 15, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I totally agree with you as here in the UK and in the West Social Status is everything...

Yes everybody wants to be a manager but few wants to be a leader as that requires one to think differently to those that prefer to follow the leader.

So in any organisation what is the different between a manager and a leader?

Often the role get confuse and the differences is not always apparent.

I had a lovely weekend learning a new arrangement of an old song....some I enjoy very much.

Have a lovely week.

King Regards


A Thoughtful Responding from Mr. Steve S. From the US --March 15, 2010 (Extract)

I agree with your views on management. The true question is; are we looking at management or leadership. Everyone must manage at some level or be completely submissive. Are we talking about management or self control? Are they the same thing?

Your art work is truly impressive.

A Friendly Responding from Ms. Min G. From China -- March 15, 2010 (Extract)





A Friendly Responding from Mr. Floyd From the US -- March 15, 2010 (Extract)

I very much enjoyed reading your email tonight about everone is a manager, i totally agree with you and i can feel what your exact way of thinking are also very smart and alert to your surroundings and are truly a very wonderful girl shirley


A Friendly Responding from Mr. James From India -- March 15, 2010 (Extract)

Yes, amanager is the head of all. If he is good all is well. You are great in every respect. Your idea is good.

How is ur health?

Take care. Do not strain. God bless u.


A Friendly Responding from Mr. Rene R. From Philippine -- March 15, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Thank you so much for your updated reports.

I am so busy for my business being a Branch Manager of New Company.

Anyway, I always hope and pray for your good health and everyday undertaking.

God Bless.


A Friendly Responding from Mr. John W. From the US -- March 15, 2010 (Extract)

Sweet Shirley I truly think that you are an inspiration for all!   Yes you have done well I am very honored to know you.

Write soon

Kindest regards/John

A Friendly Responding from Mr. Ali K. -- March 14, 2010 (Extract)

hi Shirley

When i looked at the site, made me very amazed and delighted about your work plus your credential is fascinating too. you are a god gifted talented woman. i bet your traveling gave you unusual experience in life by meeting people from all walks of life.   it took me long time to see your painting and listen to you poet.   i said to myself you deserve the best in this life.   i myself i have traveled to many countries in the world specially London England where i spent 5 years there . then ended in USA in 1976. i am really speechless when it come to a woman artist like you . and do not have words enough to express my admiration to you and your work. being a friend to you is an honor and privilege to me. i am sure by knowing you i will   gain and learn many many thing about art and poem.



A Smart View & Beautiful Describing on Spring from Mr. Marcus From the US -- March 13, 2010 (Extract)

I put the question "How does cultural diversity affect your classroom?" to some of the students I work for and to others.

Spring is nigh. The temperatures are warming, the many shades of green are appearing, and flowers have begun to make the way beautiful to behold.

A Good Responding from Mr. James K. from Europe - March 13, 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley,

Thanks for your circular. I am glad your eye-sight problem has been resolved.

... I have noticed that you also do what many people do in this part of the world, i.e. not answering questions. I suppose I should be more careful before mentioning this, because there is a tremendous cultural difference between your country and Europe. I can think of a number of reasons at this end for questions not being answered. With you, I presume it is the mass of replies that only a team could manage to sort out. Please excuse my indiscretion.

Getting back to your web-site: The idea is terrific, as I have mentioned in the past. Art is international and so is music. You are fortunate to have inherited talents in both areas. I consider myself to be a consumer of these products, but do use them to help me learn, in this case Chinese. This is why I have hinted in the past that you should attach a pinyin and simplified characters version of your mails to the end of the letter. A high percentage of your “followers” must be interested in learning your language. I would even appreciate a vocal version! You have all the means and perhaps a friend could help out with the time.

Extending your web-site to include Chinese traditions seems a very logical decision. I enjoyed the 红包 excerpt and am looking forward to the future instalments.

Last week end an ex-Roman catholic priest from the north of Italy stayed with us. One interesting topic we discussed was the Moslems. one thing that did appeal to me was the fact that apparently Mohammed had both Hebrew and Christian teachers in his days. Hence no wonder that the Koran and bible coincide in many places. This leads me on to Confucianism etc., which could be another subject for you in the distant future.

A Chinese art exhibition I went to recently in Munich was not what I had expected.It struck me that, when I was in China the year before last, art is of a completely different nature to what we are accustomed to in the West. Perhaps this is why your singing appeals to me more than your painting.

Wishing you continued good health,


A Good Responding from Mr. Wayne from the US - March 12, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

Longview, Texas is a city of 80,000 people located in Texas in the southern US.   Dallas is 2 hours away and it has 2 million people.   I would say Longview is a town and not a city.

Hope you have a good day.


A Friendly Responding from Mr. Muhammad N. from Pakistan - March 12, 2010 (Extract)

Hello my dear and so sweet friend Shirley,

I am very very glad to make friendship with you ,I am feeling very proud to make good friendship with you ,
because our countries are also have a huge huge and sincere friendship among themselves.

I am from Pakistan and as you also know that China and Pakistan are very very good , best and sincere friends.

Thanks and best of luck.
Have a nice day and nice life.

YOurs and always best friend ....


A Good Introducing about   Manila from Mr. Ronald F. from Philippines - March 11, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley,

I am living in Manila, Philippines. A city planning like to be a Hongkong style of living. Developers in Manila focusing on rising condo's. One of my favorite places to go are the beautiful malls around Metro Manila.

Shirley,if you don't know, Manila now, flown Chinese products everywhere,anywhere.Consumers, like, in the lower class can now afford to buy some items   in a very cheap price.You know,we're happy that Chinese made products flown here on a very cheap to buy.

We're have a good places to go here in Manila and outside Metro Manila.We have so many good fine dining restaurant to go anywhere.So,we made to be satisfied for living here.

Thanks, ones again for a nice letter from you.I love to read & very much impressed with your letters.

Thanks & more power.


A Helpful Direction from Dr.Meinert D. B. from the US - March 10, 2010 (Extract)


I agree with your view the management is everywhere.   General systems theory is a way of viewing he world, with inputs, outputs, processes and controls.   Some systems are self-governing while others require external intervention.   

Natural vs man-made for example.

Take care,

Dr. M

A Friendly Responding from Mr.Steve S. J. from the US - March 10, 2010(Extract)

Your detailed look at management has truly put a new light on the concept. I find this to be very interesting.


A Meaningful & Helpful Direction from Dr. Darragh M. E. from Canada - March 9, 2010

Hi Shirley:

As you know it is difficult to be critiquing your paintings, when I have nothing to go on, but a computer image as I am unable to see the texture. Nonetheless, you are getting sloppy on some paintings, because you are not getting the proper balance.

For Example: You have two paintings which look like they are on plates. Both are titled Peony Practice. Number 272 and Number 271.

Number 272 is not in the proper balance as you need a third item in the lower left so as to create a proper balance. Number 271 does have the proper balance as the third item is in the lower right.

Make sure that you set up the construction of your painting with the desired loci first. Then it is easy to work out the proper placement of balanced objects before you start to paint.

When you are into still life it might be prudent to go and see a florist to see how a bouquet of flowers is constructed. There are special lines that they have to follow.

All my best,


A Friendly Responding and Encouragement from Ms Jane Y from China - March 9, 2010

Hi,dear Shirley,

I'm so lucky that the God let me meet with you in USA. Although only   short time,you gave me deep impression. Thanks for your so richful e-mail,I know about you. How excellent you are!smart,passion,kindness,etc..Every e-mail is an golden. All your E-mail I have reserved   in my computer. When I have time,I read them. I can realize your inner world and obtain many spirit gifts.

Because my word is limited,I'm sorry many thought can't be described.

Keeping touch!

Wish you happy everyday!


A Friendly Responding and Encouragement from Mr John S from Irland - March 9, 2010 (Extract)

Hello Shirley,

Its a great idea, you are moving forward. Nothing is life stands still, everything changes. Its another Law Of The Universe.I guess Shirley..its one of the things that
make life interesting. I do hope you are getting back to full health, you have so much to offer. The fact that you are willing to share everything, you thoughts ideas, inspirations is unique and noble thing to do.God will bless and guide you all the way.

Its is the longest, coldest winter here in Ireland that i can ever remember, it should end soon...ha..ha

However we cant complain, with all the Earthquakes, happening around the World.

So always i wish you Love , Happiness and a really

long Life.

God Bless You Always


A Friendly Responding from Mr James from India - March 9, 2010 (Extract)


Ur idea (about management is everyehere)is great. Keep it up. I am impreswed by ur ides.

God bless.

take care of ur health.


A Knowledgeable and Helpful Responding from Dr.Darragh M. from Canada - March 9, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley:

It is a very difficult song to sing and the most difficult of all those contained in the Messiah. For me, what I had to do to be able to sing it, was to increase my range. I then had to develop my ability to hold a note.

I believe that the test that is put to me I have mentioned earlier, but if not, you take a deep breath and then you sing a note and hold it while my voice coach counts the seconds one, two, three, four and so on. For most new singers they can only get to a count of 16. When I started, having been singing in the choir, I got to 27. Today I am in the area of 42 to 45 which is almost at a professional level. The top professional singers are in the area of 50 to 55. Try this some time and see how long you can sing a note without taking a breath.

A trick you might like to know, is that when you are almost out of breath, throw your shoulders back and push with your diaphragm and this will give you that little extra amount of air which will let you sing another bar or two before you have to breath again.

As I mentioned, I went out to Chaffey's Locks to this maple syrup making event. They were also making maple taffy which is a maple candy. What they do is to boil the syrup down more to thicken the consistency. Then they take a spoon and spread it on the snow. The cold snow causes it to harden and then you pick it up with a wooden skewer stick and eat it. It is very good, but I would only want it in small amounts because it is very sweet.

All my best,


A Friendly Responding And A beautiful Description on Spring from Mr. Carl W. from the US - March 8, 2010 (Extract)


Remember you said that you were going to have a little time off, so thought maybe the new glasses would help. Did you receiver the other pair from Germany yet?

I know you have so many in your web site and each of us is interested in you and what you are doing.

The last week has been beautiful here and the roses are starting to bud out. A pair of Robins were at the bird feeder today so Spring is just around the coroner????. The Tulips have started to come up so before long it will be colorful again.

Always good to hear from you so take good care of yourself and hope your eyes clear up. Have a great week.


A Friendly Responding from Mr. Christpher A. from Philippines - March 8, 2010 (Extract)

Hi ! Dear Shirley,

Thank you very much for being still there to me always send a wonderful letter. I really really appreciate your letter. Because you always give me a inspiration. Please be careful always take good care of your health.

Thanks again for the letters you've sent to me.

God bless.

A Friendly and Funny Responding from Dr. Darragh M. E.from Canada -- March 8, 2010 (Extract)

Hi Shirley:

You are right, within the ability of singing, painting and language one has to practice the art of business management.

Well, this afternoon, I am off to Chaffey's Locks to help out with some maple syrup making. The days now are very warm,which is unusual for this time of the year, and the temperature falls below freezing at night, so the sap is flowing very fast and producing a very large quantity. So the syrup should be pretty good this year.

All my best to you.


A Friendly and Helpful Advice from Mr. John D. E.from Canada -- March 8, 2010 (Extract)


In my humble opinion, the only way to make any web site more popular is to add a "social" component to it. By "social" I really mean to allow user participation. Presently, on your site you must supply all of the content on your website; however, if you were to provide a discussion forum or allow other people to submit written articles; this will indeed help your site grow.

For example, on my newly designed website: , did you know I allow people, such as yourself, to submit English translations.

So in this way, people all over the world can see your talents and you will be given credit by name and web link to your site.

Hope this gives you an idea to help your site.

Best regards to you.


A Good Explanation About "Reach Out of the Whole World" By Mr. Lars -- from Danmark -- March 7, 2010 (Extract)


Reach out to the whole world means that everybody on this planet can be a person to communicate with, someone to hear about and hear from, if people like to of course ... let us all be part of homo sapiens as a family, whether you belong to this part of the world or your part of the world, or for that matter you are living in Africa or South America or on the moon ... life is for all of us in the whole universe, and we are inter-connedted as human beings who have different points of views, cultures, habits, ideas, personalities, specialities etc. etc...

Good day to you Shirley


A Good Responding from Tevfik from Turkey -- March 7, 2010 (Extract)

Hi   Shirley,

I am keeping all your mails from the begining. They are like a topic.

I am so glad about your helth and happiness.

It was a big examination, which you had. In our holly religions book KURAN,God says,   we will have many exams while we were living, and will test by helth, richness, poorness, our welth and and close relatives.

Hope to hear from you soon .than good bye


A Good Comments from A Professional Artist Jean P.B. from France -- March 5, 2010 (Extract)

Hello dear Shirley,

How are you?

I looked at your paintings I find it is beautiful! on the bee painting that you have transformed into a butterfly I found this well is original it dared and is very well!


A Friendly Comments from Mr. Khan M. from India -- March 5, 2010 (Extract)

I have visited your website too. It is simply wonderful. Your flowers and birds and fantastic, transparent and elegantly painted.


A Good Comments from Jean M. from France -- March 4, 2010 (Extract)

Hello my very dear Shirley,

I am thrilled that you finally have your new pair of glasses.

I find you have a wonderful stroke of a pen and of brush.

I adore the details of your paintings and the colors you use. I think that your drawings have magnificent.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Your sincere friend.


A friendly Responding from Mr. Kostas from Greece-- March 3, 2010

Hi, Shirley

Thank you for the card, hopefully you will have also a happy Chinese new year, full of peace and health!


A friendly Responding from Jean M. from France-- March 2 2010

Hello my dear Shirley,

I thank you enormously for your beautiful letter.Your paintings are always so splendid.

I love the pastel colors, but the painting on a green background, it enhances your painting.

I love your double on pale yellow background.

Kiss you tenderly.


A Good Bless from Mr. Donald from the US --March 2, 2010

Good luck to you.


A Knowledgeable Responding from Dr. Booth from the US-- March 1 2010 (Extract)

Dear Shirley:

I know how at the New Year here is the tradition of presenting people who work with you and for you are presented with the RED BAO.   I think it is a nice tradition just like giving money in red envelopes to new brides and grooms rather that household gifts such as we do in the West.   

I attended one wedding which was quite spectacular the Brides Father was a very wealthy Stock Broker and the Father of the Groom was a big Ship Builder so it was very lavish and she had three ceremonies, one was Civil which was presided over by Chiang Wego, Wei-Kuo one of Chiang kai-Sheks sons, for which she wore a designer gown in Cream and she had on a set of ring, bracelet, earrings and necklace of diamonds, and rubies which obviously cost a lot of money probably more than one hundred thousand US dollars, the second was the Traditional Chinese Wedding with here dress being Red and she wore a lot of gold chains which I understand were gifts from her family and was that ceremony was presided over by a Buddhist Priest and the third was a Western style Wedding where she wore the traditional long White wedding dress with a pearl necklace and earrings.   There were 2000 guest who were seated at 200 tables in the Sheraton Hotel Ballroom.   It was a very beautiful wedding with the aisle which she and her brides maids walked down was lined with mirrored column about 3 feet tall and they had silver candelabras with white candles and bouquets of pink roses at each level there must have been about 40 of these stands and it was beautiful.

I was the guest of a General from the Air Force in Taiwan where the wedding was held as he was a friend of the Bride's Father so we were seated at the front row of tables between the Bride and Grooms table and that of the son...
Dr. Bill R. Booth   

A Friendly Responding From Mr. Floyd D. From the US   -- March 1, 2010 (Extract)

hi shirley,

I enjoy reading your experiences and have learned much from you about life and china, i admire you very much, i see you are very beautiful and highly intelligent..

It really opens a persons eyes and mind when they face death.. it makes some things become more important, and other things less important.   

Life must be lived in happiness and a peacful mind. that is the best for your health..

You make beautiful paintings and i love flowers and trees. have a great week.