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China Tour -- 004: Shenzhen -- My 4th Hometown -01
Hi, Friends,

Do you know which city it is on the pictures below? This is just Shenzhen City -- My 4th Hometown where I am living now:


Every time, when I am asked, where are you from? I feel difficult to answer. My parents are from Hunan Province, but I was born in Beijing. I went to Heilongjiang province as a corps soldier and a primary school teacher on the frontier between China and Russia with millions of young students, together, when I was 14.5 years old in the Culture Revolution. After the tragedy was finished, I became a university student in 1978 and I was assigned to Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province as a college teacher in 1983. On the great day, December 31, 1991, I stepped on the land of Shenzhen City -- the first special economic zone in China. Now, I have worked, studied and lived here for 15 years already. Ha, that is almost a half of my career life.

So, this week, when I knew that Shenzhen has become the host city of the 26th World Sport Game in 2011. I do feel happy for my city and I am proud of myself as a Shenzhen resident and one of the builders of the young city that has only a history of 26 years.

Maybe you would ask, since China has a history for 5000 years, why Shenzhen has just a 26 years history?

After the Culture Revolution was finished, Mr. Deng Xiao Ping designed a road for China, to keep reforming, opening and developing China's own market economy. So, in August 1979, the China Government decided to line out a land of 395.992 sq.km to setup the first special economic zone from the place next to Hong Kong from Guangdong province. In August 1980, Guangdong province government published a law and a document to announce that Shenzhen Special Economic Zone was set up formally.

China made Shenzhen as a special economic zone for 4 purposes below:

First of all, to setup a lab and a window, to explore a new and right road for China's reforming and opening. To see how we should go on the market economy road, after the test has made a successful experience, then to extend it to the whole of the country. Even though the test was a failure, it would not affect the whole of the country for it is just a small place in so huge China.

Secondly, to learn and fetch in the advanced science, technology and advanced administration experience from the developed country in the world, to improve our own technology and administration level, while to attract the foreign investment.

Thirdly, to make Shenzhen as a pioneer, a model and an example of China, with its new law system, government working with efficiency and the system of distributing.

Fourthly, to create Shenzhen own higher economy developing speed and model, to push China's economy to be developed quickly...

Since I came to Shenzhen, I have been feeling the fast speed and the huge change every day and I do feel that the test in Shenzhen is quite successful, for our city has been listed on the 4th place with our combined economy power. Shenzhen has become the most modern, the most rich and the most efficient city with its developed finance, high technology and travel industries...

Together the quick development of the city, I have also grown up with it together. Just in this city, I started my new page of my life. I entered a new industry on by one, my knowledge field was enlarged to journalism, IT, financial information and administration from pure Chinese language and literature. My eye-reach was enlarged to China and the world from one city in the inland, my personal hobbies has been enlarged to be art, music, English, French, Italian. My life level has reached the comfortable step, I has been listed into the class as a golden collar... Shenzhen has become my 4th hometown. I do love it and be proud of myself as a Shenzhen resident.

So, from now, I would like to introduce you something about it one by one in the coming time and hope you enjoy them…

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please write to shirley@ebridge.cn or shirleyz004@yahoo.com. You are welcome to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends as well.
Shirley Zhang
Written on Jan 21, 2007
Edited on Nov, 25, 2007