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Chinese Custom--007: Shirley's Christams & New Year's Card For You

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year -- it is the most popular words tonight. :-)

Every year, I sent some Christmas and New Year's cards to friends, colleagues, customers and business partners via the post station. I used the traditional paper cards and felt some burden to write them one day one.

Every year, the company has to print some special cards at this season and it is one of our traditional styles to deal with our public relation.

Except the most important Chinese Festival -- Chinese Spring Festival, we send greeting cards on   Christmas and New Year's Day. Usually, we send once for the three festivals together. :-)

Before Christmas this year, an idea to make some groups of E-cards for the company jumped in to my mind when a manager asked that how and when the company would offer the traditional greeting cards for their department and their Western customers in a daily manager meeting. I thought that maybe we could reduce much cost to print paper cards yearly via offering some E-cards to all of our departments and colleagues via the inner information system for their deeding of public relation and even some of their personal needing. Then, on Friday afternoon, three kinds of E-cards had been in our system and it has been used 75 times within the first 1 hour.

With the same theory, I made my own first E-card on my own web site on Saturday morning and hoped to bring you a big smile. :-) Have you got it and played the music? Did you smile when you hear it?

Also, you can hit any pictures on this page to see and play my E-card for you.   

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to , or, You are welcomed to publish your opinions in Forum For Friends as well. :-)
Written, Translated, Sung and Recorded It on Sat, Dec 24, 2006