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China's Art--003: Chinese Sand and Stone Painting
Hi, friends, I wonder, if I did not tell you that the pictures on this page was "painted" (made)by sand and stone, what would you think of them? Oil? Watercolor Painting? or something else?

One of the biggest gain that I got in my short time trip in Zhang Jia Jie is that I have found a new Chinese art there. That is just the Painting of Sand and Stone.

This kind of pictures was created by Mr. Li Junsheng, a young local artist who was born in 1963.

As soon as I went into the college of Sand and Stone, I was attracted by the wonderful art. Instead of going to one of the most sight spots, I stayed in the pictures for a half day and bought some of the pictures.

Sand and Stone Painting now has become a totally new art style in China. It used the local colored sand and stone as the staff of painting, to express the beauty of the nature.

The characteristics of the sand and stone painting is that it has the grace of the Chinese traditional painting, the freshness of the watercolor, the freshness of oil-painting, and the refinement of crafts and the third dimension of relief. So, many people from China and Japan come there to learn it.

It is said that it has become one of the best gifts that the local government to send the honored guests.

Even though the painting is very expensive, I still chose and bought 9 of them and carried them back Shenzhen via airplane. :-)

Can you imagine, after seeing my pictures, my art teacher said that I have carried back something impayable as collection products, its price will be up alone with the time certianly... :-)   Also, he said he has wanted to Zhang Jia Jie now, not for the landscape, but for the Sand and Stone Painting, a totally new art.

Now I would like to show you some pictures that I have bought and some of the photos of this art,   hope to bring you an enjoyment of beauty:

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--Shirley Zhang
Written on Sun, Oct 8, 2006