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China Tour -- 003:To See the Mountains in Zhang Jia Jie National Park.
It is the first time that I have not arranged anything about my personal travel until September 29 before our holiday starts on September 30.

Anyway, since time has not allowed me to apply a visa to go abroad to see my only family and there is not any airplane ticket for me to go back home to visit my parents on the mid-autumn festival already. Even it is impossible to join a traveling group by a travel agency... So, I decided to go to visit the Nature Mother with a travel by myself ? to see the mountains in the Zhang Jia Jie National Park with my camera and my painting tools. I was lucky that I have bought the last return ticket

When I first saw the pictures of the mountains of Zhang Jia Jie, I had a strong feeling that they are just like many great landscape paintings. When I face them, I even feel that I need not to paint any more... They are really too beautiful, so that I wanted to go to visit them with my eyes and to feel some new and to absorb something nutrition from the great nature mother.

I do feel that, the famous mountains in Guilin, are more like women, but the mountains in Zhang Jia Jie are more like men.

Now, I have fixed some pictures here for you, before I start my traveling and I hope you enjoy them...

Also via the link you can see something about Zhang Jia Jie National Park.

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