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China's Art-- Carving 001: Chinese Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts are one of the Chinese folk decorative arts. As far back as the Hai and Tang Dynasty (202 D.C -- 907 A.D.), civilian women had the custom to cut paper in the shape of flowers and birds to put on their foreheads or temples.

Along with the development of time, people cut varied flowers and plants, animals, or the dramatic people, and put them on the windows or the lintel of the doors. Paper cuts put on a window are also called "Window Flowers." Sometimes, people use paper cuts for gifts or the model for needlework.

Generally, the only tools for cutting are a pair of scissors, which are used very delicately. Some of the professional artisans also use a kind of nicking tool and paint, to make the paper cuts is more beautiful, and more delicate. So, paper cuts are also called "Carve Paper."

In different areas of China there are paper cuts in different styles. Here there are some different productions of paper cuts. I hope you will like them:



Rabbit1Zhu BajieSun Wukong