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China's Art--004: Sheepskin Painting
After finding a special Chinese Painting by Sand and Stone in Zhangjiajie of Hunan Province last October, I have found another special Chinese Sheepskin painting in Yunnan Province this July in my traveling. :-)

I had been to Yunnan in 2004. But at that time, my mind was focused on the pictographic characters of Dongba of Naxi nationality. This time, as soon as I saw a sheepskin painting, I was attracted by its bright color picture, alive characters, beautiful view and strong natural breath as once in Lugu Lake in the first day I reached Yunnan.

Then, from Lugu Lake to Shangrila, until Lijiang, I had been paying more attention to the pictures and tried to buy and collect them. :-)

Now I have known that Sheepskin painting was created by a group of Yunnan artists in 80's. Their delegated artists are Mr. Ding Shaoguang and Mr.Jiang Tiefeng.

It combined the lines of Chinese painting and the bright colors of Western painting together, with the propylene to paint on the sheepskin, to express the nature view of Yunnan, the minority nationalities' history and customs, to create something positive, beautiful as a dream and ideal…   

Since I saw them, I have been attracted by them. So, I spent whole of last night to find them. Here are some of my collecting from my traveling and I hope to bring you a big smile and a little bit help to you to know more about Chinese cultures:

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Shirley Zhang
Written on Sun, July 15, 2007