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Title: Shirley Created Art --Chinese Gongbi--017: Deeply Cherish the Memory
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 66cm(25.98inch) x 88cm (34.65 inch)
Completed Time: Sat Mar March 21, 2009 / Sat, March 4, 2006
This is my 17th Chinese Gongbi Painting, I created it for my first American art and music teacher -- Mr. Charlie K 's birth day in China in 2006.

I feel so much guilt for I could not paint anything for his birthday in 2009 when I have been in his hometown -- the United States except writing a letter that he can not read and respond forever, to remember him in my heart...

With a deeply cherish the memory and endless sadness, I would like to show you this picture and some of the other paintings that I have created for my teache on his birthday or by his dirctions, I would really like to continue my art learning road for whole of my rest of life while I wish my teacher's soul in the heaven peace and happiness...

2008: Gouache --0122(Landscape): Early Autumn

2006: Chinese Gongbi -- 017: Painting From Nature

2005: Gouache -- 089(Flower & Bird): The Peace, friendship and Love...

2003: Gouache 001(Flower & Bird): Butterfly and Flower

Gouache -- 068(Flower & Bird): Waiting For

Gouache -- 056(Landscape: Bridge

Gouache -- 057(flower & Bird): Blue Wildflower

Gouache 055(Landscape): Lighthouse

Gouache -- 054(Landscape): Castle

Gouache -- 037(Flower & Bird): Hare

Gouache --002(Landscape): Lighthouse

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to, or, you can also publish your opinions in Forum .

--Shirley Zhang

March 21, 2009


This is my 17th Chinese Gobing picture. I worked on it for over 2 weeks, about 90 hours. I was afraid of that I would like to complete it before March 17, so, I caught my time tight. Except painting in the nights, every morning, before going to my office, I painted a while, sometimes, only 5 minutes; every noon, I drove back home to paint, even though there were only for 20 or 30 minutes.Today is Saturday and I painted for over 13 hours and I have completed it earlier than my plan. :-)

March 17 is the 3 anniversary that I re-started to paint. Also, it is the birthday of my former American art and music teacher who has left from me forever. Every year, I paint a picture to celebrate my anniversary and remember my teacher. Now it is the 4th year.

Instead of burning out myself as I painted the other Chinese Gongbi Painting or a Gouache picture for painting for too long time in a day. I played piano when I felt tired. Instead of playing according to a piano music book, I played anything I wanted to sing and I accompanied myself improvisatorial. At this time, my piano was just kind as a good friend. Its resonance gave me so much emotion and kind recalling or dreams... So that today my cleaning lady said that she quite enjoyed listening to me to play piano for she felt that my music was tender and comfortable... :-)

I do hope that Shirley -- I am able to keep learning from the nature matcher and anyone who has any good idea, and all of the artists in the history and current world, to keep learning art forever. I do wish that my teacher to be peaceful and happy in the other world, to feel pride of his student Shirley... I will remember and appreciate him for he had guided me to re-go on the art and music learning road...

Shirley Zhang

Sat, March 4, 2006 in China