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Title: Mr.Stephen H Robinette - Associate Vice President of Missouri State University and I in his office-- Feb 28, 2014
Completed Time: Feb 28, 2014
I knew Mr. Stephen H Robinette -- Associate Vice President of Missouri State University at a meeting with the government delegation of Hainan Province, May, 2009. Since then, he has helped me a lot.

The biggest things he helped me were two:

-- After Mr. Joe Jenkins was sick, he would like to sell his store, the 64 paintings that I had donated to Springfield by the witness of Mr. Brad Bodenhausen -- the Executive Manager of Springfield Chamber of Commerce, and stored in his shop had to be moved to the other place. Since I was in the far away China, and I had no way to do it. It was Mr. Stephen H Robinette helped me to store them into his office since July, 2011.

-- I had a dream and plan to be a student of an art academy after I retire from Chinese Securities Industry since Sept 2012. Then, the passed away of my mother and my own sicknesses in 3 or 4 systems made me stopped to work in the companies ahead for 2 years.

One hand, I was glad finally I had an opportunity and ability the best art academy; the other hand, that was not my original meaning and plan. Still I wished to work for my companies for another 3 years, to complete my final responsibilities and obligations to the companies as one of the founders of the companies. I wished to have a perfect end, to finish my career life with a better style. But´

So, in my heart, there was so much sadness for I always felt that I was sorry to the companies for they had agreed with me to study in the USA with much expectation, but I could not do my best to return it...

Plus my health and lived in the south of China and worked in the securities industry for a long-term, I could not be used of the life in Beijing (even though I was born in Beijing)and I could not be used of the working style of the art circle, especially the hard life condition in the winter often made me ache here or there, so that almost each morning, I told myself to tell my tutor that I wanted to leave school. :-)

During the time I was shaking often, it was Mr. Stephen H Robinette wrote some short but sharp words: ^ Shirley, do not forget why you went to Beijing...  ̄ Just like some weight drop woke my mess mind and tried to keep day and day. Slowly, I had not only used of studying and working in the art circle, but also, I started to love the study in Beijing more and more. So that when I have finished the study in Beijing, for 3 years, I myself wanted to learn the 4th year.

To be honest, if there was no Mr. Stephen H Robinette's good help with a very simple, forthright, sometimes serious and severe help, I would not complete the study in Beijing.

Something interesting was, until I invited him as my American advisor of my publication, I did not know his title at all. :-)

What a lucky student I was! To be able to meet a so serious but so kind mentor.

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to . You are welcome to publish your opinions in Message Board as well.

Shirley Yiping Zhang

March 8, 2014