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Title: Chinese Xieyi--068(Flower & Bird): Enjoying the Golden Leaves
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 70cm x 70cm
Completed Time: Wed, March 22, 2006
This is my 68th Chinese Xieyi (Freehand Brushworks). I created it in my art lesson on Wed evening. Since I knew that my art teacher should teach two students one evening 1 week ago, I tried to start my lesson earlier, at about 6:15 or 6:30pm even though I have to have my lesson before having my dinner or supper...:-)

However, this Wed. the other student did not have his lesson. So, my lesson was a longer time and my teacher taught me to paint an old tree and asked me to paint at least 3 or 5 birds. I first time painted a tree with 6 birds in one lesson within about 2.5 hours. I wanted to paint my birds in a couple and another couple and I did not want any bird is alone. :-)

My teacher surprised my progress and pointed 3 problems on my picture: the tree bole is too smooth and it does not express its old and strong; I should not point too many mosses on the top of the branches; the third is that my leaves relationship is not very clear...

I also felt that my brush was too wet so that the two black birds' head were not good enough... :-) And I felt that I should color some background for about 1/3 of the picture´ But, now, I am not in the emotion to touch it again ? I usually do not paint or correct a picture after I have completed it. Maybe it is not a goog habit, I am not sure. But I just feel that I always paint or create a picture with some emotion. In case the emotion has gone, I do not want to paint again. :- )

Do you know? Two years ago, when my art teacher asked me to learn Chinese Xieyi painting, I did not want but I had to follow teacher, so, as soon as the teacher showed me how to paint, I felt sleepy and once or twice, I even asked my cleaning lady to accompany the teacher to talk for a while for I needed to have a short time to wake up from my sleepy situation... :-) But now I am interested in the painting and my mind is always clear... :-)

Are you smiling now? Do you enjoy this picture?