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Title: Shirley's Art Works-1340--Chinese Xieyi 780--My 622nd Assignments of CNAA & the 211st One of the Second Phase- April 6, 2018
Artist: Shirley Yiping Zhang
Size: 59cm x 138cm(22.44 inches x 9.84inches)
Completed Time: April 6, 2018
This is my my 1340th paintings since 2003,the 780thChinese Xieyi Painting, my 622nd Assignments (the 211st Painting as an candidate of Degree of Master of Fine Arts ) in Chinese National Academy of Arts.

I created this painting 3 times and through the first 2 ones into the garbage bins. One of the first ones below.

I did this for I wanted to express the poetry in a Chinese poem:
People ask me why I stay in the green mountains?
I don't answer with a big smile;
Peach blossoms are flowing in the water,
There is an another wonderland without in the human world...

In fact, I have created another picture with flower and bird painting style and it has been collected into the volume 1 of my cross-cultural and comprehensive art series and be published formally in 2013. So, originally, I didn¨t need to create a new one.

However, for me, art creating should not for the utilitarian purpose only, but should express the feeling of human being. So, I did it just for expressing the feelings in my heart at that time...

Also, I was so glad for about 5 years ago, when I created the flower and bird painting for the same poetry, I could not express my feelings and the poetry with a landscape or a figure painting yet, but now, I can express my ideas or feelings in my mind or heart with landscapes, figure paintings, flower and bird paintings already...

So, now, in April, 2018, I am sure, the first purpose I came to both of Chinese National Academy of Arts and China Central Academy of Fine Arts has been met basically.

The second purpose C to get my second master degree in Chinese Art Field -- Master of Fine Arts which I hadn¨t dared to think but started to think since Nov 19, 2013, when the wife of the President of Drury University asked me: "Do you want to teach? " " Do you want to teach after your finish your study in Beijing?" and then thought it once more since Feb 27, 2014, President Smart of Missouri State University came to my art exhibition at OTC and asked me "What is your plan...? ", "What is your educational background? " , which is in the process since Sept, 2016 to July, 2019.

I am going to cherish my luck to have a nice but quite serious supervisor who does not only direct me on my dissertation which is duty, but also "forces "me to learn to create Chinese Mountains and Water Painting with Ink, which is not his duties. This way, I will learn much more than the requirements of the school and become a graduate who have a better knowledge structure´

I am sure, at the time I get my master degree in July, 2019, both of the purposes would be reached.

How do you think of the two paintings? Which one do you enjoy? Do you think I should throw the one below into the trash bin ?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to,you can also publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)

--Shirley Yiping Zhang
April 7, 2018