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Title: Shirley's Art 701-Integrated Arts 71-A75 Painting for Chinese Classical Poem: Chi Le Ge - by Hu Lvjin - Shirley's 93rd Assignment in Chinese National Academy of Arts - June 1-3,2012
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 97cm x 180.00( 38.19inches x 70.86 inches)
Completed Time: June 3, 2012
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This is my 71st Combined Paintingthat I have created / painted for Chinese Classical Poetry, and my 701st painting since 2003 ; also, it is my 93rd assignment in Chinese National Academy of Arts.

This is the 4th time I created a painting to match this Chinese classical poem Chi Le Ge -- Chi Le Song Da By Hu Lvjin in the Northern and Southern Dynasties 420-589).

I still remember how I created the first painting to express the meaning of this painting. I worked even in my dream, but, I did not know how to paint the grass and the sheep in 2010. Then, in Feb, 2012, I did it second time, my classmates and tutors thought I was expressing my meaning with a Western style, instead of Chinese style.

Then, in the past about 4 months, I did not work on it, but, my mind did not forget it for one day. I enjoy this poem too much and I wanted to create a good painting for it and for my own music.

This Thursday, when I read a big art book, suddenly, an idea jumped into my mind, why I didnt combine some landscape with my flower and bird painting together? Since in Chinese paining, animal also belongs to the field of flower and bird painting. At once I caught the feeling suddenly came to me and created this new painting.

But, I am still not sure how I should express the grass with Chinese painting style, I wanted to color the grassland with green and the sky with blue, but, all of my classmates said No. Because they thought since there was sheep there, then there was grass around it, we needed not paint all of the things true out, but gave people a room to imagine.

Then, what should I do? I asked them. Then, one of them Mr. Liu Guangyu showed me how to color the mountains with Chinese style.

Even though all of my classmates do not think that I should color the sky, just leave a big room with white paper, I did not that on Friday and Saturday as well, but I could not really help coloring it on Sunday finally. Otherwise, I didnt think the painting could express my feeling on the poem and my music that I created for it on the airplane in 2005.

How do you think of this painting? Do you think it Chinese enough?

The Main Meaning of the Poem

Chi Le Song

By by Hu Ljin ( Southern and Northern Dynasties 420 -589)

Chile plain,
Lies at the foot of the Yinshan Mountains,
The sky is like domed yurt, enveloping the earth.

The dark-green heavens are vast, the wilds boundless.
When the wind blows the grass low,
The cattle & sheep appear there...

Chinese Characters and Pronunciations

You can clink any Chinese Character to open the New Character Board and to see its Chinese pinyin, meaning, pronunciation and follow me to read it, also, you can hit the links over to enter the Painting Column,or you can directly enter the art notes on the painting that I created for this poem to see my painting and art notes for the poem


- Ch l chun
ɽ - yn shng xi
® - tin s qing l,
Ұ - lng gi s y

Բ - Tin cng cng,
Ұãã - y mng mng
紵ݵͼţ - fng chu co d xin ni yng

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to or ,you can also publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)

--Shirley Zhang

June 3, 2012