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Title: Shirley Created Art 526-Integrated Art 038: For Du Fu's Poem --Find Flowers by the River Alone August 23, 2010
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 118.00cm x 60.00cm (46.45inches x 23.62inches)
Completed Time: August 22, 2010
Listen to Shirley Singing the Poem in Chinese & English Feb 25, 2012

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This is my 39th Combined Paintingthat I created for Chinese Classical Poetry, andmy 526 painting since 2003.Also, it is the 57th(82th) painting (practice) that I have created in 2010.

I love peony, for its big, beautiful flowers, and bright colors. Anyway, I know, its especial beauty is the result that fights with the hard and difficult time.

So, Sunday evening, after I escaped from the hospital, I would like to create a new peony painting to match a classical poem by Du Fu in Tang Dynasty. While to encourage myself to fight with the sickness.

I have been enjoying this poem since I read it first time 30 years ago. :-) Therefore, I have created many paintings to match it. But, I did not satisfy any ones of them yet. So, I have been thinking to create a new one as soon as I can. Now, I have living in the hospital for 6 days, I do want to make my wishes to be true.

So, as soon as the vein injection was finished, I escaped out of the hospital. After having a long sleep, I completed this painting.

First time, I wrote my English translation of the meaning of the poem on the painting. I do hope it will help you to understand the meaning of this paintings and my feelings inside...

I am sure there is no any Chinese artist to do this kind of things to write an English translation in a Chinese painting. I did, for I wanted to help my readers to understand the meaning of my paintings and Chinese art.

Also, I had created a music to match this paintings and I have explanated its meaning and Chinese characters in the poem in the language culumn of this little web site. You can find them via the links.

I do hope that my effort will be some help with you to learn Chinese art and cultures.

Main Meaning of the Poem

By Du Fu ( Tang )

Mrs.Huang Si's path is covered with blossoms,
Numerous flowers are bending the branches low.
Playful butterflies are dancing, unwilling to leave,
Carefree cute birds are singing "Qia Qia".

Chinese Characters & Pronunciations :

You can clink any Chinese Character to open the New Character Board and to see its Chinese pinyin, meaning, pronunciation and follow me to read it, also, you can hit the links over to enter the Language Column, to see my comments about this poem

江畔独步寻花 -- Jiang Pan de Bu Xun Hua

杜甫 ( )-- Tang Du Pu (Tang )

黄四娘家花满蹊 -- Huáng Sìniáng jiā huā mǎn xī,
千朵万朵压枝低 -- qiān duǒ wàn duǒ yā zhī dī。
留连戏蝶时时舞 -- Liúlián xìdié shìshì wǔ,
自在娇莺恰恰啼 -- zìzài jiāo yīng Qià Qià tí。

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to or ,you can also publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)

--Shirley Zhang Wrote It in Peking University Shenzhen Hospital
Mon, August 23, 2010