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Title: Shirley Created Art - Chinese Xieyi -0236: Dream - Peonies-15 My 37th Painting in the US
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 51cm x 101cm (20 inches x 40 inches)
Completed Time: Tuesday, August 11, 2009
It is my 236thChinese Xieyi Painting and my 406th picture since 2003, the 36th picture that I have created in 2009 and the 37th painting in the US.

All of my classmates who had seen my last picture -- Meditation -- Peonies 14 said that they liked it, for its color and for its peaceful. Me, too.

But, I had my own understanding why the picture was welcome, because I have changed my style to create my painting since that picture. I used the method that my textbook has taught to create the tree trunk, I used the method that I have learned from my art lesson to create the branches. Then, during I was learning a new painting style from a textbook, I did not lose my own style. Then, I have created a new style of my own. :-)

I am thinking that management is same, when we are learning something fresh and great from the other culture, we should not lose something good in our own culture. The best way maybe is to combine the best parts from the two different culture, then we can create something most beautiful.

With this idea, I created my 15th peones since July 13, 2009. Ha, since that day, I created the first peony painting of the series of the peonies, I have been learning and exploring how to create and innovation my painting style... mainly how to create the trunks and the flowers, to integrate the old and strong of the trunk and to soft and gentle of the flowers together.

I explored very hard for my Chinese art teacher is not here and there are few words to talk about the work way in my only art textbook of peonies in the US.

But, I kept trying and I created 15 paintings within the past 28 days except my studying in the university and the traveling to Kentucky. Just in the 11 days after I moved into my new apartment, I have created 5 pieces of peony paintings... Even thought since last Thursday, August 8, I have been suffering the stomachache.

I do not satisfy almost all of my 15 paintings in the past 28 day. Comparatively speaking, the 5 pictures seen like better.

Chinese Xieyi -0222:Flowers of the Spring -- Sun, July 13, 2009
Chinese Xieyi -0224: Enthusiasm Peonies -03 -- Wed, July 15, 2009
Chinese Xieyi -0229: Peaceful Peonies-07 -- Wed, July 22, 2009
Chinese Xieyi -0231: Dream - Peonies-09 -- Fri., July 24, 2009
Chinese Xieyi -0235: Meditation - Peonies-14 -- Friday, August 7, 2009
Chinese Xieyi -0236: Dream - Peonies-15 -- Friday, August 11, 2009

So, I am going to re-create most of paintings with my new understanding about the painting methods.

I wish my paper and color can support me to complete them before I leave for China. I am happy to see that I have used almost whole of my paper and color that I had brought from China already´ :- )

The way from the text book + the way from my art lesson + my own understanding.

How do you think of my new picture? Do you think I have made some progress compare with the last one?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to or ,you can also publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)

--Shirley Zhang
Tue, August 11, 2009 in Missouri State University, USA