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Title: Shirley Created Art - Chinese Xieyi -0226/225: Enthusiasm Peonies -03/Peaceful Peonies-05 My 28th & 27th Painting in the US
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 50cm x 100cm (19.69inch x 39.37inch)
Completed Time: Sat, July 18, 2009
They are my 226 and 225Chinese Xieyi Painting and they are my 397th and 396th picture since 2003, the 26th and 25th picture that I have created in 2009 and the 28th and 27th painting in the US.

These days, I have been in a strong creating enthusiasm, a little flower by the road, a big tree in the park, a flying bird or a small firefly can give me so much inspiration and push me into the creative emotion.

Every day, as soon as I came back from the university, I want to paint before I eat my lunch, if I cannot, I would paint before I go to the classroom in the morning. I want to catch my current creating desire to create as many as possible...

So, this week, I have created 5 pictures with the size of 50cm x 100cm (19.7inch x 39.4 inch).

Even though Friday noon, my landlord informed me that our leas cannot be extended until I go back China in September as I wished - I must find another place to live within the coming more than 10 days, I still keep creating out a new painting in my mind, attending my religion lesson, then I went to find house...

For me, no matter what has happened, my art dream that was from my childhood cannot be given up. Even though I cannot find a suitable place to live within the short time, I will still keep painting, maybe I will paint in the university¨s library ? to have an current art exhibition since there is water and the big table there... :- ) Just a joke.

I am happy and feel luck for the painting work has become an important part of my life. It is bringing me a peaceful heart, widen my chest and an easy psychology... it will be my best Spiritual Sustenance to accompany me for whole of my rest of life...

My Chinese art professor was surprised of my progress and first time he give me a 98 scores.

Wednesday ? July 15 Shirley Created Art - Chinese Xieyi -0224/223: Series of Enthusiasm Peonies -03/02 -- My 26th & 25th Painting in the US -- 98 marks.

Monday ? July 13: Shirley Created Art - Chinese Xieyi -0222:Flowers of the Spring- My 24rd Painting in the US -- 95 marks

Sunday ? July 12: Shirley Created Art - Chinese Xieyi -0221:Happy Fall- My 23rd Painting in the US--90 Marks

Anyway, the fact that I must find a new apartment to live within the 10 days ?I was punished 400 USD for I had moved out of my first apartment, while I paid 1.5 month's rent for one month for I wanted to move into the current apartment within 24 hours, just for the Internet Connecting Problem and I needed a peaceful place to work on the most diffcult Finance Management Course... My heart was in a little bit disorder, reflected into my pink flowers below seem like in a mess...

I felt shame for my own culture has not been in a high and better level yet and I am still easy to be affected by the environment. So, I tried to adjusted my heart quickly and I re-created it Saturday night...

This is the first time I created white peonies, I have not known how to mix my colors and how to master the water, but, I tried to do that according to my imagination. Now I feel that my peonies look like the magnolia, I am still very happy when I see it... Because, it is the reflection of my peaceful heart and it means that I have re-come back into a very peaceful psychology... :-)

I am sure, everything can be done as long as I keep doing my best with a peaceful style... A new apartment will have, a new painting will be created out´

How do you think of the two pictures? Do you like wish one?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to or ,you can also publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)

--Shirley Zhang
Sun, July 19, 2009 in Missouri State University, USA