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Title: Shirley Created Combined Art -- 008: Intone A Willow in the Spring Wind
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 67cm x 67cm
Completed Time: Thursday, August 2, 2007
Listen to Shirley Singing the Poem in August 5, 2005
Follow Shirley to Read the Poem
Learn the Meaning of the Poem with Shirley Together

See Shirley Created Picture for the Poem in August 4, 2007
Read Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy for It in August 4, 2007

This is my 8th exploring to create a picture, to write a Chinese calligraphy and a piece of music to match a Chinese classical poem.

I would like to express the spring breath with the flowers, willow and the singing of the birds in the tender spring via intoning a willow. :-) To express the meaning of a famous Chinese line ^ The spring wind in February is just like a pair of scissors ̄.

I thought, imagine and designed the picture ok in my mind on Tuesday. Then I started it Wednesday night and completed it on Thursday night.

I enjoy the feeling to create a picture with my brushes and colors directly instead of making any pencil draft. That is making me feel so freedom to express my thoughts and feelings, to enjoy the double peaceful in my heart and in the nights. :-)

Since my son left me for abroad in July 2002, I had not moved anything in his room and I had scared to spend the long night alone for a long time. Until March, 2003, I found painting and started to learn in my free time. I just exchanged his bed room with my book room. At the first time, I painted some small size paintings in the book room, then, I painted the big size painting in my sitting room. At the first I paint Gouaches, then, Chinese Gongbi, Chinese Xieyi and now I am combining them together to create my own painting styles. I am really enjoying painting under my golden lights with soft music or a TV play in the quiet nights with a peaceful heart. Art of painting is just like the best medicine to help me grown up day and night.

After I completed it, I found that the flower part seems like too clean. :-) Maybe I should add some grass around it and in the room places. :-) Right?

My teacher was sick, so, I had not have my art lesson this week, so, I have not known what marks that my teacher will give me. Anyway, that is not very important. The importance is that I have got a good enjoyment from the creating and the beautiful view in my heart and on my picture...

Art itself is something first to touch and enjoy the artist itself. Do you think so?

So, I do hope that what I have worked with painting, music, calligraphy and Chinese language will bring you a big smile... :-)

How do you think of this picture? Do you like it?

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please write to or You are welcome to publish your opinions in Message Board as well.

Shirley Zhang

Written on Sun, August 4, 2007