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Title: Shirley Created Combined Art -- 006: Sent A Friend By Jie Pavilion
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 67cm x 67cm
Completed Time: Wed., July 18 , 2007
Learning the Meaning of the Poem
Listen to Shirley to singing the Poem
Following Shirley to Read the Poem in Chinese
Shirley Created Picture for the poem
Shirley Written Chinese Calligraphy for the Poem

The Chinese ancient art and literature theory asked the artists and litterateurs to travel 10,000 miles road and to read 10,000 books. I do agree with it and I do feel that the traveling and reading is something best to help artists to improve their level not only on theory but also on skill. :-)

Also, I do think that maybe the traveling is more important to an artist. :-)

I have been to more than 10 countries since 1997. But, what I paid more attention to was the human civilization before 2003, such as architectures, paintings, religions and so on. Since I started to learn to paint in 2003, I paid more attention to the nature things, a flower, a bird and so on. Anyway, last year, I started to learn to paint landscape with Chinese Xieyi Style, to paint a landscape with brush and colors directly; that really made me to pay attention to the nature view more and more... :-)

Compare with past traveling, I do feel that this traveling this July is helping me to enlarge my eye view from a flower and a bird into a bigger room ? the sky, river, snow mountains, grassland are attracting me more and more... Along with the traveling and the time, I do feel that I have not very cared for the little things in the human society more and more and I do feel that I should make more of my limited energy on enjoying the beautiful in the great nature more and to find why it is beautiful and what is making it so beautiful?

I created this picture after I came back from Shangrila. I thought of it ok Monday night and I painted it Tuesday and Wednesday night. I tried to use green and red at the same picture for I did have seen them in my traveling and I did want to express the beauty of the great nature in my mind and imagination. Meanwhile, I created it to match a classical Chinese poem.

My teacher has not offered me a lesson for two weeks. So, I have not known how many marks of my last two pictures will get yet. :-)

What is your opinion about this picture? Do you enjoy it?

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