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Title: Shirley Created Art -- Chinese Xieyi 0145: Peaceful Lotus Pool
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 44.6cm x 67cm
Completed Time: Thursday, July 21, 2007
Lotus has been planted in China for several thousand years already.

Chinese love lotus for it is a beautiful ornamental plant, a wonderful Chinese traditional medicine and delicious food. People eat its root as food, take its feed as medicine and drink lotus tea for fun. There are more and more people enjoying it in some lotus restaurants... :-)

The most important reason that Chinese love lotus, for it grows up from the mud, but, it keeps its clean and upright quality as a gentleman or a lady that keeps his/her honest quality no matter in a good or in a bad environment.

So, in the past several thousand years, Lotus had been admired by litterateurs, poets, musicians and artists... :-)

In my lesson on Thursday, my teacher ordered a roll, 100 pieces of paper from some paper factory for me. That means that I have used my first 100 pieces and 134 meters paper for painting Chinese Xieyi already. For I use paper with a quick speed, so, since 2005, instead of buying any paper in an art store, my teacher have been ordering paper for me from some paper factory.

Different Chinese paintings need different paper. The paper for Chinese Xieyi painting must allow Chinese ink or color in an excessive style on the paper. I mean when you touch the paper with a little color or ink, the color and the ink should be able to become more and more, change bigger quickly ( I do not know what word I should use to express this meaning in English yet. Could you please teach me? ). The paper of Chinese Gongbi Painting should not allow any color in the excessive way.

The first rolls of paper that my teacher ordered for me was not in the best quality. Color and ink can not be changed bigger quickly on it, because my teacher did not think that I had mastered the painting way then. But now, after painting about 200 meters length, I have had the ability to paint on better paper that is more excessive. So, I was allowed to paint on the new paper.

You can see the lotus's leave, I did not paint any line on it, and the paper has helped me to make some nature lines for me already. Very interesting and mystic, right? :-)

I have not mastered the feeling to use the new paper yet and I need some time to learn it.

My teacher thought that I did a good job to paint the poles of the bamboo and the bird. But, my bamboo leaves are not good. The room between the bird and the flower is not big enough. So, I got 80 marks.

How do you think of this picture? Do you like it?