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Title: Chinese Xieyi--093(Flower & Bird): What a Red Waterlily!
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 56cm x 100cm
Completed Time: Wednesday, August 23,2006
This is my 93rd Chinese Xieyi -- Freehand Brushworks that I completed in my art lesson Wednesday evening.

This is the biggest Chinese Xieyi picture that I have painted and also it is the first picture that I have made Chinese line and calligraphy on it. :-)

I mean this is a traditional Chinese painting that has included the line/poem, calligraphy, painting and stamp 4 parts already.

My original plan was to write line/poem and Chinese calligraphy on my painting on my 100th Xieyi painting and 100th Gouache. However, I could not help to try after I completed my painting on Wednesday. Also, I tried several kinds of calligraphy on it:

When you read Chinese calligraphy, usually, I have to read them from right to left.

The first 3character are Li Shu -- Official script -- an ancient style of calligraphy current in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- A.D. 220 )
The 4th one is Zhuanshu --Seal character ? an ancient style of calligraphy from Qin Dynasty (211 B.C. ? A.D. 206)
The 7th one is Xing Chao
The 8th and 9th one is Xing Shu -- Running hand, that is Chinese way to express year.
The last two ones is also Xing Shu ?Running hand, that is my first name.

I had learned to write calligraphy when I was 5 or 6 years old, but, I have not writing since I was 9 years until now. Maybe for I have painted with the brushes directly for over 3 years, my hand never trembled when I first time to write again and my teacher was confident to me to be a good calligrapher someday.

Have you seen the red stamp over the picture? That calls Name Stamp, it is my name stamp. And on the right and below corner, that is another stamp, names Xian Stamp, it is usually some apothegm or good word that the painter wants. This one of mine is Tian Dao Chu Qin, means the Natural Principles Is that Hardworking Will Be Returned Certainly.

My teacher satisfied to this picture and thought that my traditional Chinese painting level has basically equaled the second grade students¨ in the traditional Chinese painting department in the art college. Anyway, I should leave some room between the stone and the water, also, the grass should be improved... I was happy to hear the comments, Anyway, I suddenly felt so tired and so hungry after the painting -- I had not had my dinner before the lesson as usual... :-)

Also, I have hidden my No. of this picture somewhere. Can you find where it is?

Ha, I just realize that I have missed to paint something on a bird. Can you find what that is?