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Title: Chinese Xieyi--074(Flower & Bird): Happy Birthday!
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 70cm x 70cm
Completed Time: Wed, April 26,2006
As a Chinese traditional painting theme, peaches and Soudai birds often appear on same a same picture to celebrate people `s birthday, or be sent old people to wish them to healthy and long lived. So, in my art lesson on Wed night, my Chinese art teacher taught me to learn to paint them first time. My teacher thought that I had basically mastered the way to pain a bird with a short tail with brush and color directly, so, he asked me to try a new kind of birds with a long tail. :-)

This is the first time that I painted a peach and I was very interested in it. So, instead of painting 4 peaches according to my teacher¨s requirement, I painted 6 ones. :-) When I painted the last two one on the left and up, I felt that I have known how to paint a peach. :-) Anyway, I have to make more practice.

A funny thing for the lesson is that when the teacher came into my home, I just came in to my door for one minute. So, both of us had no had any thing as a dinner, so, as I did for many times, I boiled 3 eggs, gave my teacher two and myself one as our ^Dinner or Supper ̄. Then we worked from 8:30pm. Sometimes we worked until 9:30pm or 10:30pm. Then, my teacher quickly went to his second student in the same night ? can you imagine? The excellent art or music teachers in my city are very welcomed and they are usually very busy for there are too many students are waiting for them. Then I wrote my name and printed my stamp on the picture... Ha, it is really a very tight and very fun process to learn to paint...Just like a wind... :-) Right?

Until 15th, May, 2006, I have learned from my current art teacher for 3 years. During the process, I found another teacher for I had wanted to learn different style from different teachers, However I fired her after working for 1 month for I had to pick up her, then to send her back home with for about 2 hours each time. I was too tired to drive after a long time work in the company... Anyway, my current teacher -- Mr. Tao, never asks me to do anything to pick up him or send him back no matter how the weather is bad and no matter how later it is. Also, Ms. Ma, my vocal music teacher never asks me to do anything for her...

When I recall my learning on art and music in the past three years, I am proud of myself and my teachers for us have kept for 3 years and 3.5 years already. In the past several years, all of the other adult students of my Chinese art teacher have given up their learning... it is same in my music learning, now I am the only adult student of my vocal music teacher's. We have lept our teaching and learning for over 3.5 years already... :-)