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Title: Chinese Goingbi--015(Flower, Bird & Character): Water Lily Girl--02
Artist: Shirley Zhang
Size: 66cm x 88cm
Completed Time: Wed, Feb, 1,2006
This is my 15th Chinese Gongbi painting. I drafted it 2 months ago, but I had not been having time to correct it or color it before my Spring Festival Holiday. So, since Eve of Chinese New Year's Day, as soon as I sent my last newsletter to you, I started to correct the draft while heard the Celebration Program Yearly by China Center Television Station --CCTV. :-) Every day, I worked for about 10 to 15 hours. Then, I completed it on Wednesday.

Since I started to learn to paint, I seldom painted a character. Anyway, I have painted 2 water lily girls. My first Water Lily Girl was completed in May Day Holiday in 2004. That is a gouache.

For I did not know how to color the girl¨s face and also I was not sure how to color the water lilies via Chinese Gongbi Style, so, I had read a lot of art books and I taught myself -- I did not want to trouble any teachers in the most important national holiday.

Do you know what was my biggest gain from the reading? I found that I had not observed water lily enough even though it is one of my favorite flower that I have painted at least 100 ones. So, I tried to read and saw its photos as many as possible and I was smiling for it was first time, I realized that I should paint some thin lines on every leaves of flowers and to express the detail parts with more refined way´

My Chinese art teacher was so surprised that thought this picture can be considered a landmark on my art learning road and would like to introduce me and my pictures to some art businessmen/women, while to start to think of painting my Chinese Gonbi pictures on some silk cloth to improve its quality.

I am not very interested in the first thing at this time, because I do not think that I have really mastered the way to paint a character. So, as soon as I completed this picture, I started to create my next Water Lily Girl. I wanted to create a group of Chinese girls and make my flowers, birds that I have learned to be their background. :-) Try to combine what I have learned together, to create something new´

My happiness is the creating process, I more enjoy imagining a picture in my mind, then to paint it out via lines and colors ? maybe I will try to paint on a silk cloth? What I most needing at this time is some directions from some professional ones. So, an old dream has jumped into my mind once more ? try to learn painting in an art college or at home as a full time art student. : - )

Dream is dream and reality is reality.It is not a bad thing to have a dream in heart. So, tomorrow, I have to start my work in the office once more. : - )