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Title: Shirley's Art Works-1355-Chinese Xieyi 792--My 635th Assignments of CNAA & the 226 One of the Second Phase- July 18 , 2018
Artist: Shirley Yiping Zhang
Size: cm x 33cm(12.99 inches x 12.99inches)
Completed Time: July 18, 2018
This is my my 1353rd paintings since 2003,the 791thChinese Xieyi Painting, my 634th Assignments (the 225th Painting as an candidate of Degree of Master of Fine Arts ) in Chinese National Academy of Arts.

Maybe for my schedule was too tight and maybe I need a vacation, after working tightly for a long time, I felt much unwell and ache in my body so that I had to lie on the bed for several days... During the time, I did miss my 4th hometown - Shenzhen which has a good air, sea food and the wonderful climate in Shenzhen by the sea...

Especially I miss my comfortable home and want to go back home every day...

8 years are really a too long time to study in Beijing and to travel between China and the USA, especially after renting my apartment in Shenzhen since 2017, my feeling has not been well indeed because it sounds like I have not had a root in China and become a cloud of the sky... Also, I feel quite bad that my renters have removed my bathtub, floor curtains, and now they want to remove my beautiful sofa and ceiling lamps... whole of my feeling that my home would be destroyed

Really, for regretting to rent my home in 2017 and feeling that I need to see doctors, but all of the things are inconvenient in Beijing... I mean except the education is the best here, but I don't enjoy the northern food, the crowded traffic and the bad air here ... I don't think it is easy to see a doctor as well... I wrote a letter to my supervisor and my renters for I really wanted to go back home and to complete my paper in Shenzhen after the Middle Checking in middle of Oct, 2018, but come back for the Thesis Oral Defense if my supervisor agrees me since there are no courses in the last a half year but mainly for the paper...

However, after lying on the bed 3 days and nights, I am feeling a little bit better and could be able to sit on the chair to work, I do feel my heart is getter better as well. So, now, I am in the hesitation, whether I should go back Shenzhen to check my health and to see a doctor or keep staying in Beijing...

With a little bit unwell in my body, I painted this little painting, but I didn't color it...

How do you think of it? Do you enjoy it?

The more I paint, the more I enjoy the Chinese ink painting, because it sounds like there is a very special charming which attracts me.

So, I have been keeping painting the Chinese ink painting since I came back Beijing, in fact since I became a student of my supervisor - Professor Mu Jiashan who has created a special dry ink painting and the first supervisor of candidates for Master Degree in this field...

To be honest, at the first, I didn't want to paint this kind of painting at all, but I had to follow him since he is my supervisor, however, now, I feel I do enjoying it more and more...

Anyway, now, always I try to paint two or 3 paintings and try to color one of them to compare the result.

How do you think of my new paintings below? Do you enjoy which one? The colored one or the ink one?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, welcome to write to,you can also publish your opinions on Message Board . :-)

--Shirley Yiping Zhang
July 19, 2018