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Sep 14, 2013 -- the 3rd day I reached in MO, in my 5th travel in USA. Mrs. Wanda Nava and her husband came to Springfield to pick up me to go to Seymour, MO.

On the road, they brought me to their life group to study Bible. It became the first time I took part in a Christian study in a life g...more

Mrs Faith Esatman was the hostess of the house. She and her husband offered the place for the study of their life group.

Even though we met first time, her bright smiles let me feel, we were old friends.

To be honest, when I saw her big smile, I could not believe she was a mother who...more

Both of Mrs. Wanda Nava and his husband were the couple who helped me most for my this travel in the USA.

Especially Mrs. Wanda Nana, it was she connected with her school, the Ava Art Guild and many the other places, she and her husband not only picked up me from Springfield to Seymour, but ...more

Mr. August and his wife were the most passion couple I felt.

When I looked at their Bible and the notebook, I hardly believe my eyes indeed. There were so many lines in their books, red, green and so on, so that I could not help wondering how many times they have read the Bible indeed.

Mr. David Packcoood - the head of this group held the study so seriously, he read each question on a piece of paper in his hands and lead people to study them and discussed them one by one.

If I did not know this is a life group study, I would think this was a business meeting. :-)

I cannot believe my eyes, when I saw the Bible in the hands of Mr. August, so that I could not help taking a photo for it.

I could not help thinking how and why a person believes in the God when I saw the note book of Mrs. Wanda Nava. With so much respect, I could not help taking a photo for her notbook.
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